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Pelvic Floor Therapy: Standard Package


1 x 1-hour initial evaluation
3 x 1-hour treatment sessions

This is a great package for the mama who leaks urine, has a history of abdominal separation, who has had children before, or who is an athlete! Pelvic floor dysfunction is often associated with these symptoms, and pelvic floor therapy can help with all of it!

Pricing Description


Pelvic Floor Therapy: Basic Package


1 x 1-hour evaluation for pelvic floor therapy.

Provide the mama in your life with the highest quality of care at Flourish Pelvic Health & Wellness. We specialize in working with women who are pregnant, postpartum, and journeying through motherhood. Help reduce aches & pain and improve your function & strength with Flourish!

Pricing Description

Initial Evaluation - $165

Virtual Pelvic Floor Consultation


1 x 1-hour long virtual pelvic floor therapy consultation

This is a great option for someone not in the southeast PA area! I’ll meet virtually to provide education about healing, how to protect her core and pelvic floor, biomechanics of being a new mom, getting back to exercise, signs of pelvic floor dysfunction to look out for, and so much more!

Pricing Description



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