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Birth With Confidence Classes


Group classes: Four 3 hour classes on Zoom
Private classes: Two 2.5 hour classes in your home or on Zoom

Pricing Description

$285 for group classes. $315 for private classes.

Postpartum Doula


Each visit will include time to discuss your goals for that day, check in on how the birthing parent is doing physically and emotionally, checking in on how lactation or feeding is going, and providing light household support. Postpartum shifts can also provide an opportunity for one or both parents to shower, rest or nap while I care for your newborn.

I am available for postpartum shifts, 2-4 hours at a time, 9am-7pm Tues-Sat.

Pricing Description


Birth Doula Support


2 90 minute prenatal visits. Resources, references, and email/text support throughout pregnancy. 24/7 phone support for early labor starting at 37 weeks. Continuous care through labor and birth. 1 90 minute postpartum visit. Complimentary 2 hours of lactation support as needed.

Pricing Description



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