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New Parent Support

Maternal Mental Health


Dancing Into Parenthood New Parent Support and Coaching
Becoming a Parent comes with it’s challenges. The journey may bring you anxiety and cause you to doubt yourself.
Week 1: Welcome, to Dancing Into Parenthood
Introduction to Caring for your Newborn
Week 2: Most common mistakes new parents make and how to avoid them
Baby Safety, how to avoid accidents
Week 3: Boost your baby’s Development
Week 4: Reconnecting as a Couple

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Packages for this service start at $499.00.

Three things you have to do before baby arrives - Parent Development Webinar

Newborn Care Classes


One hour webinar with Pediatrician and Mother - Dr Divina Lopez

Learn what questions you and your partner need to asking each other and how to have those hard conversations with your partner.

Learn how to identify your parenting style and how to break generational curses to be the parent you want to be.

There will also be a Q&A to follow.

Pricing Description

Becoming a new parent typically means all things baby. Making sure baby has a crib, the endless supply of diapers you are going to need and so much more. But what about you?

Learn what questions you need to ask your partner, as well as yourself. How to have those hard conversations with family when it comes to how you plan to raise your child. And what doing things differently will actually look like, and what it means for your family.

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