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I am a passionate fertility awareness educator with the majority of my clients being postpartum and breastfeeding moms. Breastfeeding is a hormonal process and learning to chart your cycle to avoid pregnancy naturally during this time can be daunting but with my help women you can gain confidence quickly!


Q: What are your certifications and trainings?

A: I have certified as a fertility awareness educator with the Natural Family Planning Teachers Association of the UK and with the Billings Ovulation Method Association - USA. I am also in training as a Postpartum Doula through Birth Arts International.

Q: How much experience do you have?

A: I have 4 years of experience teaching fertility awareness for birth control with 2 years experience working with postpartum and breastfeeding women.

Postpartum Family Planning

Newborn Care Classes


Natural family planning support for Postpartum and breastfeeding families who want to avoid hormonal birth control

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$400 for 6 cycles of support

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