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I was born & raised on LI & have always loved children which lead me to becoming a performer at Disney World while I was in high school. I later became a stunt woman in film & television until I met my wife and settled back on the Island to start our family. I was so inspired by my doula that I trained w/ the LI Doula Assoc. while pregnant with my daughter. I believe that having a birth doula can look different for each family to support their unique journey and so excited to be doing this!


Q: How do you answer the question: "I want your support but my partner feels like they'll be replaced"?

A: It's so important to me that your partner not feel like I'm there to replace them. I'm there to support you both in this journey. Sometimes that looks like me showing them a more comfortable way to support you physically in a moment. Or me going to get that person a much needed cup of coffee, or holding your hand while they use the restroom.

Birth Doula

Birth Doulas


Hi there!!
My name is Julie. I provide support through out your pregnancy. I help empower and guide you so you are educated and know what your choices are. I’m there during labor and delivery. As well as postpartum visits. I can also help with breastfeeding. I’m here for you, by your side :)

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$1400 and all that includes is broken down in my contract :)

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