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Perinatal Nutrition Coaching (St. Paul, MN & Virtual)

Meals + Nutrition


Through nutrition we can manage pregnancy symptoms from that first trimester morning sickness to gestational diabetes. We can implement a strong nutritional foundation to counter potential third trimester concerns like pre-eclampsia. The support we offer is inclusive of all diets, lifestyles and stages of life from preconception through postpartum. This is not about dieting, this is about taking out the guess-work.

Pricing Description

$200 includes:
- Basic meal plan based on current trimester
- Personalized recommendations + goals based on your 3 day photo food journal
- Up to 4 video calls
- Weekly check ins
- 12 weeks of unlimited text support

Lamaze-Style Preparing for Childbirth Class (St. Paul, MN & Virtual)

Childbirth Education


This Lamaze-style course covers everything from pregnancy through the first 24-hrs. Whether you are planning a hospital birth, home birth, or even a VBAC, you need a childbirth education class that lays out all your options for you! Our class is different because it's independent and not beholden to hospital policy. You will learn how to make informed decisions for yourself in your most vulnerable state. Leave feeling empowered & ready to birth!

Pricing Description

Group classes: $325 for (4) 3-hour sessions, virtual or in person in St. Paul, MN (hybrid class). Hosted on Monday nights from 6-9pm Central. Partners are encouraged to join for free. Virtual participants are mailed a class packet in advance with a workbook and all materials needed for the activities.

Postpartum Doula Support (Twin Cities, MN)

Postpartum Doulas


It seems like everyone disappears after the baby arrives, but not us. The fourth trimester is a sacred time when you should be able to focus on your baby and healing not worrying about the rest of the house. We aren't there to hold your baby (unless you need that) we are there to support you with resources, light cleaning, infant feeding support, and cooking. We build your confidence as a parent.

Read more about services on our website.

Pricing Description

4-40 hours $50/hr
41-99 hours $48/hr
100+ hours $45/hr

*we recommend starting with 20 hours of support*

Daytime support only, no nighttime available at this time. 4 hour minimum, per visit.

In-Home Lactation Visit (Twin Cities, MN)

Lactation Support


If your baby is already here and you are in the thick of figuring out your feeding relationship, this visit with one of our team's lactation counselors will provide you with troubleshooting and a plan moving forward.

Pricing Description

$120 includes:
- 2 hour in home visit
- 6 weeks text support

Follow up visits $90

Lactation Package (Twin Cities, MN)

Lactation Support


Just like birth, your breastfeeding or chestfeeding journey should start with education. It is about more than just latching your baby, that is why it's called lactation support. There is two people in the feeding relationship and both people have their unique anatomies and personalities. Ultimately, lactation support is about creating a collaborative care team to foster your feeding relationship so you can reach your goals.

Pricing Description

$225 for the full package includes:
- FREE access to Lactation Workshop
- Infant Feeding Survival E-book
- 1 prenatal call to discuss goals, supplies, and any concerns you have
- 3 hour in-home visit after your baby has arrived (Pump fitting included: get sized for flanges and try out flanges for your pump)
- 12 weeks of unlimited text support after baby has arrived

Birth Doula Support (Twin Cities, MN)

Birth Doulas


Our doulas care is more than hip squeezes and replenishing cold washcloths. Our care is heavy on education, advocacy, and intuition. Our package includes:
- Unlimited text/email/phone support
- 2 prenatal visits
- Unlimited support during birth
- Childbirth education classes
- Lactation support
- 1 free yoga class
- 2 postpartum visits (we bring a meal too!)

...and so much more! Check out our website for the full offering.

Pricing Description

Our fee is $2,000 for our birth doula package. This includes birth doula support, childbirth education classes, and lactation support.

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