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Birth With You in Mind

Birth Doulas


3 Prenatal Visits
Birthing & Boundary Ed
Prenatal Visits
Rights & Responsibilities
Labor Stages
Birth Plan
Birthing Classes w/Partner Support
Breathing Techniques
Knowing What's Available (Medical Intervention)
Spiritual Support "Learning Birthing and God's Design" (optional)
Mommy & Me Exclusive Group Access
2 Postpartum Visits
Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Planned by our event experts
Nesting Party!

Pricing Description


Price includes items for nesting party as well as limited selection items for gender reveal or baby shower.

Birth Your Way

Birth Doulas


This is for moms who need birth plan support and labor support ONLY must be booked by 30 weeks

Birth Plan
1 Prenatal Visit
Hospital or Homebirth Support
1 Postpartum visit
Mommy Meet Up Access
Virtual Support

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The Whole Birth Story

Birth Doulas


This service must be booked 6-8weeks prior to due date.
2 Prenatal Visits
•Birthing & Boundary Education
•Labor Stages
•Partner Support
•Breathing Techniques
•Knowing What's Available (Medical Interventions)
•Spiritual Support "Learning Birthing and God's Design" (optional)
•Mommy&Me Access
Nesting Party!!!: Birthing Beauty Mom Group comes together wash, fold baby clothes, complete the nursery. Sterilize bottles etc….

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