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Postpartum Health Recovery Support

Mental Health Support


Asana Mama is a virtual maternal wellness clinic providing Doctor lead programs from preconception through postpartum. Our postpartum recovery programs are headed by our Functional doctor partners, and maintained with our team of nutrition consultants, postpartum doulas, and maternal health experts. We provide twice monthly appointments, 24/7 messaging support, personalized health plans and a group of experts you can have in your pocket.

Pricing Description

Prices start at $175/month

Functional Doctor lead Perinatal Health Programs

Health Coaching


AsanaMama offers completely customizable health programs that are Doctor lead, and focused on prenatal and postpartum care. Our team of Functional Doctors, nutrition consultants, health coaches and perinatal experts work collaboratively with you so that you can stay healthy during your pregnancy, and reclaim your health postpartum. By aligning with AsanaMama, you will have a collective of experts in your pocket for help anytime, anywhere.

Pricing Description

Prices start at $175/month

HypnoBirthing Childbirth Classes

Childbirth Education


Are you ready to have a fearless, calm and gentle birth?
One of the most internationally recognized childbirth education courses, HypnoBirthing, will help you experience a birth free from fear, anxiety, and even that horrible pain that society tries to convince you that you will experience no matter what. HypnoBirthing will help you have a gentle, happy, informed and empowered birth experience. This is a five week class series.

Pricing Description

Prices starting at $375

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