Why Adding a Baby Play Class to Your Baby Registry Is Good For Your Wellbeing During Postpartum

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Posted: June 18, 2024
It might feel ridiculous to consider adding a “play class” for your infant to your registry. You might be googling something along the lines of “does an infant actually play?”. And while it might seem a little silly to think that your little mush of a baby needs to “play” or “make friends”, 

baby play classes are actually really beneficial– for both mom and baby.

Classes designed for babies and new moms provide opportunities for bonding, development and socialization. Not that your baby needs to become best friends with another baby, but it might be nice for you to find a friend in another brand new mom. Different play classes exist for different purposes, some more focused on social connection, some focused on different points of physical or sensory development. Each is unique and offers different benefits for moms and babies.
Of course, it’s not a developmental requirement that you enroll your baby in a play class (don’t let the internet scare you). If you’re the type of person who would rather hang at home, go for it. But there are some unique benefits from getting in a room with other moms and babies that have positive lasting effects. 


Here are a few of the baby play classes you might find available in your area

(and some you might find on the BeHerVillage registry guide)
*By no means is this a comprehensive list of the types of baby classes out there. Beyond these, there are other classes like infant massage classes, baby swim classes, classes for premies, and everything in between. The following is a list of the ones we see the most:

Tummy time classes

Tummy time classes focus on helping babies develop their neck and shoulder muscles by encouraging them to spend time on their stomachs. These classes often include activities and exercises that engage babies while they're on their tummies. These classes are offered for the itty bitty babies in the first few months of their lives.

Why tummy time classes are good for babies:

  • Strengthens neck, shoulder, and arm muscles
  • Promotes motor skills and physical development
  • Helps prevent flat spots on the back of the head

Why tummy time classes are good for moms:

  • Provides a structured environment to ensure tummy time is done safely and effectively
  • Offers a chance to learn new techniques for engaging the baby
  • Great for meeting other moms and sharing experiences


Sensory play classes

Sensory play classes are designed to stimulate a baby’s senses through activities involving different textures, sounds, lights, and materials. These classes aim to enhance sensory development and cognitive growth. While a lot of the activities are ones that could be recreated at home, as a brand new mom, it’s nice to be able to just show up somewhere and have everything ready (and then not have to clean it up).

Why a sensory class is good for babies:

  • Encourages exploration and curiosity
  • Supports cognitive development and sensory processing
  • Helps build neural connections in the brain


Why a sensory class is good for moms:

  • Learn creative ways to engage your baby at home
  • Opportunity to observe your baby's preferences and reactions
  • Asking baby development questions to the professionals leading the class
  • Social interaction with other moms and sharing tips and advice

Baby music classes

Music classes for babies involve singing, dancing, and playing with musical instruments. These classes focus on exposing babies to rhythms, melodies, and different types of sounds. It’s fun to go to these classes because of their unique instruments and materials that you probably don’t have laying around at home. These classes typically are good for babies who are a little older and more engaged with their environment.
Why music classes are good for babies:
  • Enhances auditory skills and early language development
  • Promotes coordination and rhythm through movement
  • Encourages emotional expression and social interaction

Why music classes are good for moms:

  • Fun and interactive way to bond with your baby
  • Reduces stress through music and movement
  • Connect with other moms in a fun and more carefree, shared activity


Mommy & baby yoga class

Mommy & baby yoga classes incorporate gentle yoga poses and stretches that moms can do with their babies. These classes aim to improve physical health, flexibility, and relaxation for both mom and baby. These classes aren’t like an intense vinyasa class that you might find at your local yoga studio, but you’re going to feel rejuvenated and more connected to yourself and baby.

Why mommy & baby yoga classes are good for babies:

  • Supports motor skills and physical development
  • Provides a calm and soothing environment
  • Offers a place for babies to see other moms and babies moving their bodies

Why mommy & baby yoga classes are good for moms:

  • Helps with postpartum recovery and fitness
  • Offers relaxation and stress relief
  • Strengthens the bond between mom and baby through shared activity


Why add a baby play class to your BeHerVillage registry?


Holistic development

Baby play classes offer a well-rounded approach to your baby's early development. From physical strength to sensory processing and social skills, these classes provide essential building blocks for your baby's growth. And it’s nice to have someone else leading the charge.

Emotional well-being

Participating in these classes can significantly boost a new mom's emotional well-being. The support and connection found in these settings help alleviate feelings of isolation and anxiety common in the postpartum period, especially surrounding baby’s development.

Bonding time

These classes create structured opportunities for quality bonding time between moms and their babies. Especially when you’re out of the house, away from any chores or distractions, you can focus on being present with your baby within your activity.

Social Connection

Meeting other moms who are navigating similar experiences can lead to lasting friendships and a strong support network, which is invaluable during the postpartum period. Having a place to meet other moms on the regular can help limit the isolation that often happens in the early days of motherhood.

Adding baby play classes to your BeHerVillage registry means you’ll receive the funds to put toward the baby class you choose

And it’s a great gift because it helps to ensure your well-being, helps your baby’s development, and is a great way to make that transition into motherhood feel a bit smoother.

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