4 Reasons To Put a New Mom Support Group Onto Your Baby Registry

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Posted: June 17, 2024
Becoming a new mom is a journey with so many ups, downs, questions and, if we’re honest– unsolicited advice. Turning to Google to answer questions like “is this normal?” will probably worry you more than it helps. And while they’re handy, FB groups and IG profiles (even with the best comment sections) just aren’t enough for most new moms.

Having a group to go to offers a safe space to share experiences, gain insights, and build lasting connections

No matter what kind of group you end up choosing, chances are you’ll end up feeling more confident and connected. There are many different types of groups that address new motherhood in general, but some are more specific than others. 

New mom support groups are impactful because of the:

  1. Shared experiences
  2. Emotional focus and healing
  3. Practical advice from professionals and group members
  4. Long lasting connections
The availability of specific groups will be dependent upon your area, but here are some great support groups to be on the lookout for (and put onto your BeHerVillage registry).

General new mom groups

Many new mom groups are focused on the moms who have small babies (pre-crawlers), while some have a bit more focus on the baby and their development. For the brand new mom & baby group, they are a place to connect with other moms who have babies in the same age range. Some mom groups are centered around a new topic each week, while some have a more general focus. Some groups have a distinct structure to them while others have more of a “just show up and we’ll see what comes out” kind of vibe. No matter what style you choose (or pick because of availability), you’re going to be glad you did.
New mom groups offer:
  • Comprehensive support: covering a wide range of topics from baby care to self-care, to managing new motherhood
  • Social connection: regular meet-ups can help those early weeks and months of motherhood feel less isolating. And it can be a great reason to get out of the house! Here’s a blog on that social connection.
  • Resources: many support groups are led by postpartum doulas, maternal mental health professionals, or other trained professionals. They come to these groups prepared with resources to help make motherhood feel good for everyone
  • Balanced focus: not only do these groups address concerns for new moms and their motherhood experience, these groups also offer a focus on the babies
  • Connection: so many of these early motherhood groups cultivate friendships that last longer than the group itself. It can be hard to make new friends as a new mom, and it can be hard to stay connected to old friends without babies, so having this kind of group is a great place to make friends who are having a similar life experience


Breastfeeding support groups

  • IBCLC or CLC professional guidance and advice on breastfeeding techniques, latching, challenges and more
  • Peer support and sharing experiences
  • Addressing common issues like engorgement, milk supply, pain, oral ties and more
These groups are beneficial because they provide access to accurate and helpful advice, while allowing you to connect with other moms. This can boost your confidence and help you navigate your breastfeeding journey with more personalized support. Because as helpful as the internet can be at answering questions, nothing compares to in-person support from folks who know you, your baby and your goals.


Birth trauma support groups


Connecting with other moms who have experienced a traumatic birth can be healing and validating. Most birth trauma support groups are led by a maternal mental health therapist or another professional who has a specialization in birth trauma support. 

Birth trauma support groups offer:

  • A safe space to process and share traumatic birth experiences
  • Coping strategies, mindfulness techniques and other resources to help heal from the experience
  • Emotional support from the fellow group members who have experienced a similar birth, as it can be hard to relate to other moms who don’t understand your lived experience
  • Guidance toward healing from a traumatic birth


PMAD (Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder) focused groups

Part of what makes new motherhood feel so hard is that it can feel incredibly isolating. However this can be exponentially harder if you’re experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety or another maternal mental health disorder. Groups that are dedicated to PMADs are a great way for moms to connect with one another with an underlying focus on mental health. These groups are led by a maternal mental health therapist. Early intervention and recognition of symptoms can prevent worsening conditions, and connecting with other moms on a similar journey can reduce the shame and isolation that often accompanies PMADs.

A focused group like this is helpful for:

  • Understanding: it’s helpful to know you’re not alone in your feelings. Being in a group with others who are experiencing similar feelings can help you feel understood and less alone
  • Safe space for sharing: having a safe space to share your feelings, thoughts, and worries can be really helpful in finding solutions, and at the very least, a non-judgemental listening ear
  • Support: get professional support as well as group support from a PMADs focused group
  • Coping: learn tools and strategies for managing symptoms and your day-to-day life living with PMADs

Support groups for new moms are an incredible resource
They offer everything from expert advice, to emotional support, to friendships, to a reason to put on pants. By registering for these groups through BeHerVillage, you can set yourself up for connection and ensure that you’re not alone on your new motherhood journey. Whether you need help breastfeeding, trying to process your birth experience or navigating PMADs, there is a support group for you. 
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