Update: Get Partners Back Into Prenatal Appointments

Assemblyman Gottfried Sends Letter To Governor Cuomo

Written by: Kaitlin McGreyes, Founder of Be Her Village
Posted: November 04, 2020
We have been working tirelessly to get partners and support people back into prenatal, sonogram, and postpartum appointments. Every single birthing person deserves support throughout their motherhood journey. We wrote an Open Letter To Andrew Cuomo asking him to issue an Executive Order ensuring every single person has access to support during their pregnancy and postpartum care. And we met with Assemblyman Gottfried's office asking them for help. Assemblyman Gottfried is the Chair of the Health Committee in Albany and he had no idea that partners were being excluded and that birthing women were going unsupported.

Today we got word that Assemblyman Gottfried has taken action! He has sent a letter to Governor Cuomo and the Commissioner of the Department of Health asking them to issue guidance allowing support people into prenatal, sonogram, and postpartum appointments.

This is a HUGE victory! We have the weight of the Assemblyman Gottfried's office behind us. We are one step closer to making sure every single birthing person has the support they need throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

NOW WE HAVE TO ACT. Please sign our petition if you haven't already. And send a message to Governor Cuomo asking him to allow partners back into prenatal, sonogram, and postpartum appointments. Or you can call his office directly: 1-518-474-8390
Here is a sample script to use when you reach out:

Dear Governor Cuomo,

Birthing people need support during pregnancy. Every person who is navigating our maternal healthcare system is at risk and needs to have the support of their partner or other chosen support person during the entire span of their care. Please issue guidance as soon as possible to allow a partner or support person to accompany a patient at prenatal, sonogram, and postpartum appointments. 

Thank you,
Your Name 

Together we can make this change!

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