Sex and the Suburbs: Lovin' In Lockdown

How To Choose Who You Share Air With

Written by: Kaitlin McGreyes, Founder of Be Her Village
Posted: November 14, 2020
Pandemic life is not easy, and all of us have different ways of coping. Some of us are having way more sex, some of us are too stressed to even think about sex, and many of us are skin hungry. We talk about navigating sex during the pandemic for couples and singles. 

How do you have sex while you’re quarantined at home with small children? How do you date when you have to wear a mask? Can you have a relationship without kissing? 

And what exactly do condoms and masks have in common? We talk about all of this in our latest episode of Sex and the Suburbs, a collaboration between Be Her Village Founder, Kaitlin McGreyes, and Sex Therapist and Owner of Seachange Holistic Wellness Center, Heather Simonson.

Tune in and share with a friend! With a bonus homework assignment to do alone or with a partner!

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