Are Kegels The Best Thing For Your Pelvic Floor?

Hear from a pregnancy and postpartum movement specialist

Written by: Cat Gieser, Pregnancy + Postpartum Movement Specialist, Founder of Mama Flow Studio
Posted: April 24, 2023
Random information on the internet might have you thinking that the number one way to strengthen your pelvic floor is to do kegels, kegels, kegels. And if you're doing enough of them, you're guaranteed to build a buff pelvic floor that will hold up against sneeze-peeing and bounce back after birth. But, (like a lot of information you find online), maxing out kegel reps probably isn't the greatest idea. Like many muscle systems in the body, for optimal performance, a solid foundation needs to be built. And this does include strengthening, but it also includes lengthening, breathwork and purposeful rest.

One of our BeHerVillage partners has written a blog that outlines this concept, along with some great visuals and practical tips. Read it here!
Cat Gieser is a Pregnancy + Postpartum Movement Specialist and the Founder of Mama Flow Studio. To learn more about her expertise and her offerings you can find her at her website

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