Experience the gentle, personal care a midwife can offer. Trained in physiological birth, midwives trust women to birth their babies.
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Pregnancy Coaching and Childbirth Education

Pregnancy Informed Childbirth Prep & Pregnancy Coaching


One-on-one pregnancy coaching sessions each 50 min duration ($65). Pregnancy Informed e-course ($367) to walk patients through what to expect with lab tests, ultrasounds, and other recommendations throughout pregnancy.

Prenatal, birth, and postpartum care

New Dawn Birth Services

Huntsville, TX

I provide all prenatal care, birth, and postpartum care through 6 weeks postpartum in my office in Huntsville Texas.


Community Midwifery LLC

Brownfield, ME

*Prenatal, birth & postpartum care *Alternative services such as; lactation support Overnight newborn support Body work for newborn or parent

Home Birth Midwifery Care

Ohio Midwife

Yellow Springs, OH

Services include: - 1 on 1 hour long regular prenatal visits throughout pregnancy -Skilled birth team attendance -Newborn and Postpartum Care through 6 weeks postpartum You can read more on my website. https://homebirth.love/

Midwifery + Postpartum Support

Midwifery + Postpartum Doula Services


Hour long prenatal visits throughout pregnancy. In home labor + birth support. Postpartum visits through 6 weeks. Access to me via text and call throughout. On call 37-42 weeks. Informed consent where you get to make the decisions around your care. Newborn care support. Support with education and preparation for the postpartum period.

Pregnancy, home birth and postpartum care

Fertile Moon Midwifery

Los Angeles, CA

Comprehensive prenatal, home birth and postpartum care provided by two licensed midwives. The prenatal care is provided once a month until 28 weeks, bi-weekly until 36 weeks and then once a week until birth. There are four postpartum visits all with lactation support. Midwifery care differs from obstetric care for it includes hour long prenatal visits, continuity of care with the same provider, nutrition counseling & emotional birth preparation.

Midwifery prenatal, birth and postpartum care

Origins Birth and Wellness Dallas

Dallas, TX

We offer a comprehensive and tailored care package for all clients.

Traditional Home Birth Midwifery

Just Breathe Holistic Midwifery

Loves Park, IL

10 to 18 prenatal appointments (depending on contract dates) Labor and Delivery Post Partum Care for up to 12 weeks

Midwifery care

Michigan Midwifery Co


This includes all prenatal care, bloodwork, birth supplies, home visits, birth team, on call time, birth pool and postpartum and well newborn care.

Comprehensive Midwifery Care

One Love Midwifery, PLLC

Yaphank, NY

Community based, full scope Midwifery care through the lifespan. Specializing in individualized, family-centered, trauma reducing prenatal, birth and postpartum care. Care provided in the comfort of your home or nurturing and supportive office setting. Birth options are supported on an individualized basis, including in home or at Stony Brook Medicine.

Midwifery Support

Authentic Birth Center


Welcome your baby under the stars! Our holistic approach to birth, as well as prenatal and postpartum care are what make Authentic Birth Center · Wellness Collective the primary option in the Milwaukee Area. We have four beautiful birth suites available, each including a queen size bed, a restroom with a shower, and our signature spa birth tubs.

Home Birth Midwifery Care

Pax & Lux Midwifery

Monona, WI

Home Birth Midwifery Care provides comprehensive prenatal clinical care, labor and birth care, and in-home postpartum and newborn midwifery care.

Midwifery Care

Your Thriving Pregnancy

Longmont, CO

Prenatal and postpartum visits typically last about 60 minutes. Prenatal, check your blood pressure, pulse, urine, uterine growth, your baby’s heart rate, order labs and ultrasounds. These are scheduled every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, and every week until baby is born. On-call for labor and delivery. Postpartum, Newborn, and Lactation support. Plus, 3 well-mother visits in the first year: 12. 24, and 48 weeks.

Prenatal care, delivery and postpartum

Labors of Love Birth Center, LLC


45 minute prenatal appointments, labor support, delivery services, 3 or more postpartum visits, newborn care first 6 weeks as well as access to midwife as needed throughout pregnancy and postpartum

Midwifery services

Mother Earth Midwifery

Pittsfield Charter Township, MI

Free Initial Consultation Monthly Prenatal visits Labor/Birth Support Postpartum visits Postpartum doula services

Home Birth Nurse Midwife Service

Three Rings Midwifery

Solon, OH

- pre and postnatal care with a certified nurse midwife (prenatal visits per standard schedule and up to 4 postnatal visits ~ lasting approximately 45 - 60 minutes each visit). Provided in your home or our office. - labor and delivery medical support in the comforts of your own home - birth assistant support during labor and immediate postpartum - lab draws, swabs, and newborn care - 24/7 phone and text support

Midwife Assistant

Midwife Assistant

Oklahoma City, OK

The role of the midwife assistant is to be there for you as a client and at the service of your primary midwife to provide the birth experience you long for.

Out of Hospital Midwifery Service

Agape Doula & Midwifery Service

Oklahoma City, OK

Danielle is a Senior CPM Midwifery Student providing holistic care from 8 weeks gestation to 3 months postpartum to families in the OKC Metro Area, The midwifery fee does not cover additional standard of care services-Labs, Ultrasounds, medications, supplements, birth pool supplies/rental, doulas, childbirth education classes. placenta encapsulation, photographer, travel, birthing location if not your home, or fees incurred for transfers,

Birth Center Birth Services

Kindred Space LA

Los Angeles, CA

- pre and postnatal care with a licensed midwife (prenatal visits per standard schedule and up to 4 postnatal visits ~ lasting approximately 45 - 60 minutes each visit) - labor and delivery medical support at our birth center - lab draws, swabs, and processing fees - 24/7 phone and text support - postpartum recovery kit - wireless speaker, robe, slippers, private room, private bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Home Birth Services (within 10 mile radius of our center)

Kindred Space LA

Los Angeles, CA

- pre and postnatal care with a licensed midwife (prenatal visits per standard schedule and up to 4 postnatal visits ~ lasting approximately 45 - 60 minutes each visit) - labor and delivery medical support in the comforts of your own home - lab draws, swabs, and processing fees - 24/7 phone and text support - birth supplies kit

Midwifery Care

Metroplex Midwifery

Irving, TX

Welcoming prenatal, birth, and postpartum care in the comfort of your own home. We provide personalized midwifery care to those expecting a child or children and wishing to birth at home in the greater DFW Metroplex. We warmly welcome all races, ethnicities, faiths, genders, sexualities, and classes of people. Inclusive, safe, affirming. We look forward to serving you and your growing family. <3

Midwifery & Homebirth Services

Binah Birth and Breastfeeding LLC

Lilburn, GA

Care is provided by Shoshanah Blaiss, CNM, IBCLC. Global services include: * Routine prenatal care * Homebirth & immediate postpartum care * Routine postpartum care through 6 weeks * Lactation care through 6 weeks & discounts on continuing care * Customized birth kit * 10% off all classes & additional services Optional add-on services: * Dating ultrasound ($75) * Birth pool rental ($200)

Traditional Midwifery Services

Traditional Roots Midwifery


Birth your way! Midwifery services include all prenatal care visits, home birth services, that can include water birth, in home postpartum visits for mother up to 6 weeks and in home newborn visits for baby up to 4 weeks after birth.

Community Love (Group Model)

Kindred Space LA

Los Angeles, CA

Priority to families with Medi-Cal @ 28+ weeks gestation Includes: - Plan to birth at our birth center - Suitable for low risk pregnancies - Prenatal visits are provided as often as every other week - Private medical care (10-15 minutes) with a midwife at each prenatal group - 1 at home postnatal visit (24 - 36 hours after the birth) - and so much more! see here for more details: https://www.kindredspacela.com/services

Homebirth, Prenatal and Postpartum Care

EVa Homebirth, LLC

Williamsburg, VA

We provide affordable, comprehensive prenatal care, attendance at your birth as a trained Certified Professional Midwife as well as provide care to you and your newborn for the first 6 weeks postpartum.

Midwifery and Birth Services in a Freestanding Birth Center

Nine Short Months Birth and Community Wellness Center

Southfield, MI

Our fee covers Midwifery care throughout prenatal care, birth (including waterbirth), and postpartum through 6 weeks postpartum for mom and baby. This price does not include bloodwork or ultrasound (both of which can be done through our office and partners for an additional charge).

Virtual Postnatal Midwife Support

Nurtured Mums


A safety net of 6 weeks continual virtual support from me as your private midwife that starts as soon as your baby is earth-side. During the 6 weeks, you will have: ✅ A complimentary one hour planning session before your baby is born ✅ 6 weekly zoom chats to hold space for you to talk about how your experience is unfolding and problem-solve issues as they arise.

Gaia Midwives, PLLC

Kings Park, NY

High quality, personal, hands-on midwifery care by Gaia Midwives. Includes all supplies, all prenatal appointments, all lab tests, and a warm, skilled midwife attending to you during your birth and postpartum time. Midwives make a difference!

Homebirth Midwifery Care

Indigo Midwifery

Logan, UT

My basic package includes the following: -12-14 | 60 min. prenatal visits -x4 Chiropractic visits -$250 credit towards a Doula -Option to attend all classes hosted by Indigo Midwifery free of charge -1 bottle of FullWell Prenatal Vitamins -A pregnancy book -Standard prenatal labs -Birth Kit -Birth Pool - if desired -My attendance & care during your labor & birth with a skilled assistant. -At no additional cost - oxygen, medications...

Home Birth Midwifery Package

SHINE Sisterhood Initiative

Naalehu, HI

Approximately 11 prenatal visits (depending on gestational age at initiation of care), one full body lomilomi session, childbirth education, birth team on call from 37 weeks until the birth of the baby. Attendance of intrapartum period and 2-4 hours postpartum. Five postpartum visits. Traditional birth support practices. Herbal remedies to support childbearing cycle. Use of birth tub, nutritional counseling, breastfeeding support.

Prenatal Education Course

The Village Midwife


In this year long course, we explore all things relating to your pregnancy, motherhood, and general well being. The course is available in a live virtual group setting and all of the participants will be grouped with other women/families who are due the same month, so that our conversations each month will be tailored to your specific gestational age. We will meet monthly throughout your pregnancy and for 3 months after your little one arrives!


Motherly Transitions

Shenandoah, TX

This includes all prenatal apts in your home, basic labs, childbirth class, birth, 3 postpartum visits in your home for momma and baby.

Midwifery Care

Be Her Village


Description: Personalized care throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This includes monthly visits throughout pregnancy, attending birth, home visits at 24 and 72 hours after birth, as well as an in-office check up at 6 weeks postpartum. We help moms have empowered and supported births. *This is an example listing representing a service that may be available in your community. It is not associated with a local provider.*

Midwifery Services

Fruitful Birth Midwifery

Palm Springs, CA

Included in full home birth services are but not limited to: Prenatal labs, prenatal care, birth kit, birth pool upon availability, On call during labor, full in home labor care and support with at least one assistant, postpartum care up to 6 weeks all in the comfort of your home. Not Included in the package: Ultrasounds, Biophysical Profile, Non-stress tests, Extra labs beyond normal Prenatal labs. www.FruitfulBirth.com



Findlay, OH

Standard comprehensive and individualized prenatal care, labor/birth and postpartum care given by a Certified Professional Midwife.

Treasured Birth Midwifery, Massage & Doula Services

Treasured Birth, LLC

Elko New Market, MN

Base price for birth doula services is $1,000.00. Add on's are available, such as massage (Prenatal Massage $100, home visit), placenta encapsulation ($150 for contracted clients and $200 for non-contracted clients), and bellycasting ($150) are available. I am happy to discuss any questions you, or your family may have. I will reliably follow-through with any additional services we discuss.

Home Birth Midwifery

Treasured Birth, LLC

Elko New Market, MN

Midwifery care is personalized to you, in your home. I travel to your home for all services. The only services you may need to travel for is doing lab work, or doing an ultrasound. Midwifery care is personalized for you. Would you like to have a water birth? Let's meet and talk to discover the pregnancy and birth that you are hoping to have.


Treasured Birth, LLC

Elko New Market, MN

As midwives, we believe the practice of midwifery to be distinct from the practice of medicine. Comprehensive prenatal visits in the comfort of your own home. Unlimited email, text, and phone support 24/7. Labor and birth support and care in the comfort of your own home or chosen place of birth. Comprehensive postpartum care for mother and baby for the first 6-8 weeks and beyond. We are the guardians of "Normal Birth."


A Peachy Birth

Loganville, GA

Full package includes: Referrals for blood work & ultrasounds Education on holistic birth "Unschooling" what the system provides vs. Traditional Care Nutritional Counseling- Nutrition is the foundation for a safe birth experience and fewer interventions Birth education Breastfeeding Course Birth pool Birth Kit included Doula provided Postpartum care up to 3 hrs after birth & Postpartum visit 1 week after Birth certificate


Igi Osè

Pittsburgh, PA

Midwifery services including no rush prenatal 90+minutes for questions and comprehensive perinatal education. Birth services and postpartum care for 6 weeks. Additional weeks added if more support is necessary or at an additional fee

Midwifery Care and Fertility Services

Mind Body Birth


Mind Body Birth is a Birthing and Wellness Center located in the heart of LA. Mind Body Birth offers complete Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum care, as well as holistic Well Person, Fertility, and IUI services, including Pre-Pregnancy Counseling, and Hormonal and Genetic testing. If you desire to be cared for with compassion, individuality, and respect, you deserve the care provided at Mind Body Birth with Faith Freeman CPM LM and her Team.

Home birth midwifery

Georgia Mountain Midwifery

Clarkesville, GA

Prenatal visits every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, weekly until birth. Attendance at labor and birth. 3 postpartum visits (48 hour, 2 week, 6 week).

Home Birth Services

Aurora Midwifery

Mesa, AZ

Our Standard and Doula package both include prenatal care, 24/7 on-call midwife access throughout your entire pregnancy + postpartum, attendance of your active labor and birth, two postpartum home visits + three in-office postpartum visits, postpartum course and workbook, client-only prenatal educational meetups, bi-monthly postpartum meetups and more! The Doula Package includes a Birth Doula for your labor and birth.

Holistic Birth Support


Florence, Ravalli County, Montana, United States

Lifestyle, skilled, and spiritual support throughout pregnancy (appx 1-hr prenatal visits, minimum 1 p/month), childbirth education, in-person birth support, up to 10 days of support within 4 weeks postpartum, Mother Blessing ceremony in 3rd trimester, Closing Ceremony at 40 days postpartum, 24/7 availability for questions or concerns

Home Birth Midwifery

Ritual Midwifery

Oakland, CA

Full scope home birth midwifery care includes prenatal visits (which allow plenty of time for education, questions and building a trusting relationship), attendance of the birth (along with a second Licensed Midwife) as well as 5-6 in home postpartum visits to help establish breast/chest feeding and prioritize postpartum healing and integration.

Home birth/ Midwifery care

Michigan Midwifery Co

Fowlerville, MI

Home birth patients are able to sit down with their midwife in 45 minute prenatal, the last few of which are done in home. They are tucked into bed with their new baby and a snack with the laundry started as the team leaves them to get a good nap in, only to return at 24 hours and three days.

OHMI Homebirth Midwifery, Massage Therapy, Encapsulation, & Birth Education

OHMI Midwives, LLC

Toledo, OH

Comprehensive midwifery care through conception, pregnancy, birth, and 6 weeks postpartum- though support does not end there. As a client, you have access to continued support and resources for up to 6 months postpartum! We are committed to restoring birth to its honored, sacred place in our culture. Let us turn our focus toward empowering ourselves in the birthing years. We are honored to be on your support team.

Postpartum Midwife Consult

The Atlanta Postpartum Doula

Atlanta, GA

A thorough 3-hour in-home postpartum visit conducted by a certified nurse midwife. This consult focuses on checking vitals, assessing healing, and performing routine clinical tasks to promote a healthy recovery after childbirth. Details: -3 hour in-home consult by a Certified Nurse Midwife -Postpartum physical and emotional wellness check -Personalized advice and recommendations for continued recovery

Virtual Midwifery Support (one-on-one "Comprehensive Care")

Mother Wit Maternity


This program is intended as an adjunct to your regular in-person, local care to dive deeper into the things that truly support fertility, a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. -Detailed intake -Two virtual sessions per month -Personalized education, resources, support, and referrals -Peer support if requested -Partner participation welcome -Return to fitness assessment/guidance

Birth Center & Home Birth Midwifery Care

Corpus Christi Birth Center

Corpus Christi, TX

We offer evidence based, informed care from the beginning of pregnancy through six week postpartum. We focus on preventative care to achieve optimal outcomes that is centered around your individual and family needs.

Midwifery Care & Birth Center

Selah Midwifery Center

Rigby, ID

Offering the very best in out-of-hospital midwifery care, Selah Midwifery Center partners with you for personalized, quality care and a safe birth experience. At Selah Midwifery Center our Certified Professional Midwives, are licensed in the state of Idaho, are experts in natural childbirth, and are highly skilled in water birth.

Birth Center Birth Services

Long Beach Birth Center

Long Beach, CA

Prenatal & Postnatal Care with a Team of Licensed Midwives Standard Schedule for Prenatal Visits and up to 4 Postnatal Visits - 45-60min visits Labor & Delivery Medical Support at the Birth Center Access to our Midwifery Line 24/7 during your care Lab Draws, Swabs, and Processing Fees Classes; Labor Prep, Breathwork, Breastfeeding, and Preparing for Postpartum Birth Certificate and SSN registration Private Birth Suites with Waterbirth Tubs

Midwifery Care

All About Birth

Tacoma, WA

Prenatal care throughout pregnancy, lab draws in house, referrals for ultrasounds, physical therapy, etc., labor, birth, postpartum, and lactation support.

Home Birth Midwifery Care

Hawthorn Midwifery

Idaho Falls, ID

My basic package includes: -12-14 | 60 min. prenatal visits -Standard prenatal labs -Two qualified providers will attend your birth -All equipment and supplies; herbs and prescription drugs to control hemorrhage, oxygen for mother and baby, and suturing supplies -Complete newborn exam and routine screenings -A “Welcome To The World” birth certificate will be customized and inked with a set of your newborns sweet tiny footprints


Tri-Cities Home Birth

Jonesborough, TN

Complete prenatal, birth and postpartum care for low-risk women choosing to birth out of the hospital.

In-Home Labor & Delivery

Vibrant Life Midwife

Pontiac, MI

Vibrant Life Midwife provides prenatal care, labor and delivery support, and postpartum appointments. Personalized in-depth appointments that are holistically centered.

Seven Cities Midwifery Care

Seven Cities Midwifery Care, LLC


We at Seven Cities Midwifery Care are Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia, authorized to specialize our midwifery care for home birth families. While we focus our practice within the Seven Cities of Hampton Roads; Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, and Hampton, we provide care all over southeastern Virginia.

Postpartum Midwifery Care

Pax & Lux Midwifery

Monona, WI

Postpartum Midwifery Care I offer is inspired by a 2023 Swedish study that showed massive benefits for parents and babies. Optional 1 hour prenatal appointment - 1 in office prenatal visit anytime in the third trimester 1 hour Postpartum visits: - 3 in home postpartum visits (day 1, day 3, 2 weeks) - 2 in office postpartum visits (4 weeks, 6 weeks) Available for phone communication as needed

1-on-1 Prenatal Consulting

Pax & Lux Midwifery


I help people assess, plan, and find expert solutions so they can be informed and confident as they plan for their birth. I believe that every birthing person deserves compassionate, personalized care and support on their journey to parenthood. As a home birth midwife and holistic childbirth educator, I am dedicated to empowering individuals and families to embrace the transformative experience of childbirth with confidence, knowledge, and joy.

Home Birth

Silicon Valley Midwifery

Aptos, CA

On-call availability 24/7 for urgent midwifery needs. Scheduled prenatal visits in the office every 4 weeks until 28-weeks, then every 2 weeks until the 36-week home visit, then weekly until your baby is born. In-office draws for lab work, as needed. 20-week anatomy scan with Scanbabies. Use of a portable inflatable birth pool Home Birth Supply Kit In-home postpartum follow-up care day 1, 3, 5, 10, 4 & 6 week in office

Postpartum Midwifery Care

Silicon Valley Midwifery

Aptos, CA

Postpartum Hybrid Care - For expecting parents who want midwifery postpartum care, but have a hospital birth. For the postpartum parent, we provide in-home health assessments of blood pressure, blood loss, tissue healing, emotional health, and lactation support with transitional support for pumping. For the newborn, we provide in-home health assessments for jaundice, respiratory distress, infections, low blood sugar, weight loss, latch/nursing.

Midwifery Services

The Birthing Place

Houston, TX

Hypno birthing childbirth education is the only evidence-based childbirth class out there! Hypno birthing approaches labor and birth as a gentle and instinctive process. It teaches not only what is going on and what to expect but the mental and emotional side of labor and childbirth. Midwifery services includes all prenatal care as well as 24 seven access to your Midwife. Labor birth and postpartum care as well as all group visits

Midwifery Prenatal through Postpartum Online Coaching

Your Thriving Pregnancy


Expert advice from midwives, coaching, and support with a high-touch, intimate group of women all due at the same time. Your Thriving Pregnancy Circles – We help you discover more about your pregnancy by filling in knowledge gaps. We celebrate you through the ups and downs of pregnancy, birth, and those early months postpartum. As a group, we met 6 times prenatally and 6 times postpartum, plus 2 individual consultations, and additional support.

Birth Center

Earthside Birth and Wellness

Cheyenne, WY

Earthside Birth and Wellness offers a freestanding birth center with midwifery care for prenatal visits, labor and delivery, postpartum and newborn care. We also offer lactation counseling and WellWoman care!

Midwifery Care

Be Her Village


Description: Personalized care throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This includes monthly visits throughout pregnancy, attending birth, home visits at 24 and 72 hours after birth, as well as an in-office check up at 6 weeks postpartum. We help moms have empowered and supported births. *This is an example listing representing a service that may be available in your community. It is not associated with a local provider.*

Postpartum Home Visit

Be Her Village


Stay in the comfort of your home for your postpartum visit. The midwife comes to you, brings all of the equipment she needs, and cares for you and baby in this postpartum checkup. No matter where you gave birth you can get high-quality care in your own home. *This is an example listing representing a service that may be available in your community. It is not associated with a local provider.*


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