Maternal Mental Health

Everyone tells us to “enjoy every moment” with our new baby. What happens when the baby blues won’t go away? Or when we’re having a hard time sleeping because we can’t take our eyes off of our brand new babes? New parent support can be just the thing new parents need to find their calm and feel better.
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Postpartum Adjustment - New Mom Support

Marisa Hughes Counseling

Boca Raton, FL

Many new moms find themselves feeling unsure if they're “doing it right.” Postpartum adjustment includes healing from how your birth went, getting to know your new body, coping with mood changes + finding balance between self care and caring for your newborn. Having a trained Maternal Mental Health Specialist to support you can make all the difference in transitioning smoothly into motherhood. 5 x 50 min sessions scheduled at your convenience.

Postpartum Therapy Sessions


Philadelphia, PA

2 50-minute psychotherapy sessions for postpartum mothers, and/or new parents.

Individual Therapy

Evolve Counseling

Tredyffrin Township, PA

I offer therapy for individuals throughout pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in perinatal mental health and I have been through Advanced Perinatal Mental Health Training through Postpartum Support International. I also have extensive experience in the eating disorders field and can offer support for those struggling with disordered eating, body image issues, etc. I am in person and virtual.

Therapy and Support for women during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

Your Village Counseling PLLC


55 minute telehealth sessions, postpartum planning, new parent consultations

Mental Health Wellness Drop-ins for Moms

Becoming Mothers Counseling


A one-time visit to check in with your mental health and emotional healing. Whether pregnant or postpartum, I’ll meet with you to provide support, resources, guidance, and coping tools for navigating this exciting but often overwhelming time. Many find that a Wellness Drop-in visit is just what they need to feel more centered, empowered, and prepared for their motherhood journey. Drop-ins are offered in home, in office, or virtually.

Individual Mental Health Therapy for Moms

Becoming Mothers Counseling

Redwood City, CA

Offering Self Compassion & Mindfulness-based Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, & EMDR Therapy. Sessions are offered in-home, in office, or virtually. Learn skills to challenge and change negative thinking patterns in order to promote positive feelings and behavioral changes. Develop skills to be less judgmental towards yourself and feel happier, more confident, and more at ease in your motherhood journey.

Birth Storytelling

Becoming Mothers Counseling


A powerful way to reflect on your birth, feel heard, and honor one of the most intense experiences of your life. Together, we create an empowering narrative of your birth. The opportunity to tell your story in a therapeutic space allows you to shift negative thoughts and feelings and see yourself through a lens of strength and capability. Drop-ins are offered in home, in office, or virtually.

4th Trimester Care Package - Postpartum Pediatrics and Lactation Support in your Home

In Touch Pediatrics and Lactation, PLLC

Westchester, IL

8 weeks of care in your home with a board-certified pediatrician and a Breastfeeding Medicine specialist. For 6 weeks, Dr. Rubin, a board-certified pediatrician, will provide pediatric well-care for your new baby in your home. In addition, Dr. Rubin is an IBCLC (lactation consultant) and Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine Specialist, and can provide you with lactation support as needed.

Life Coach For New Moms

Bella Akhtar


Motherhood was the hardest transition of my life. Because of that, I am fully committed to helping moms feel their best. In this one hour session, we will work together to uncover the areas of being a new mom that you struggle with the most. We will also come up with small manageable goals that will help you navigate the struggles of motherhood with confidence and courage.

Toolkit for new moms - month 1

Louise Simply Fit


Contains everything a new mom needs to nurture her own emotional and mental health in those first few exhausting weeks after giving birth - she will feel empowered in her journey as a new mom. Guided meditations, very gentle stretching. mindfulness techniques and so much more - each of the exercises are created to nourish the bond between new mom and baby, and to help the new mom make sense of all the new and crazy emotions she is feeling.

New Parent Support

Dr. Divina Lopez LLC


Dancing Into Parenthood New Parent Support and Coaching Becoming a Parent comes with it’s challenges. The journey may bring you anxiety and cause you to doubt yourself. Week 1: Welcome, to Dancing Into Parenthood Introduction to Caring for your Newborn Week 2: Most common mistakes new parents make and how to avoid them Baby Safety, how to avoid accidents Week 3: Boost your baby’s Development Week 4: Reconnecting as a Couple


Postpartum Health & Harmony


1 hour counseling session available by video

Marriage Counseling and OCD

Authentically Rooted Counseling

Fort Worth, TX

Marriage Counseling with a specialization in perinatal OCD. There is a way forward. You can find your happier and healthier you again. I offer both in person and virtual sessions. I am trained in ACT based Exposure techniques, IFS informed, Level one trained in The Satir Model, Gottman Leader Trained, and EFT familiar.

Mama Wellness Mental Health Support

Healthy Minds Counseling Services

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

I can offer you a 90-minute consultation to help develop a personalized plan to manage your mental health needs either during pregnancy or postpartum. Becoming a mother can be a wonderful time in your life...full of exciting milestones both during pregnancy and after baby is home. But there can also be many questions that come up that you might need help navigating. Let's work together to find the best ways you can be supported during this time.

Postpartum Occupational Therapy Support

North Shore Women's Support


Sessions include evaluation of functional needs and difficulties, screenings for mental health, ergonomic recommendations to reduce discomfort and avoid injury including nursery set-up modifications, pre- and post-natal exercise programs, and establishing healthy sleep and breastfeeding routines. Plans promote recovery from birth, community support, adjustment to family roles and expectations, and engaging in activities that bring you joy.

Psychiatric, Psychopharmacological and psychotherapy consultations

The Midtown Practice


Perinatal and postpartum depression, anxiety and insomnia expert. Initial Psychiatric, Psychopharmacological and psychotherapy consultations. The leading obstetric issue is anxiety and depression, so get your consults in soon. Have a calm day.

Somatic Movement Therapy

Angie Yetzke, LLC

Hudsonville, MI

Somatic movement therapy for expecting and new moms and their babies and toddlers ~ Attach securely and lovingly with your baby; Process difficult feelings, emotions or trauma; Establish and maintain boundaries; Find body-centered calm; Feel grounded, capable, fierce and nurturing...All while helping your little one stay on track through developmental movement patterning, primitive reflex integration, sensory motor practice and play!

Mental Health Counseling for Perinatal Mental Health (Pregnancy and Postpartum)

Balance Mental Health Counseling, PLLC


We have extensive experience counseling clients with Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, Depression, Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (Pregnancy and postpartum), and Adjustment to life changes. We treat children, adolescents, and adults. We have a clinical background in Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) with a focus on Mindfulness and Play therapy. We offer postpartum support groups to Moms and Dads. You can Pay what you can $5-$25 per group.

Expert therapists educating you on infant development: feeding, sleeping, and motor development. From Birth to 6+ months.

Their Best Start


Comprehensive online courses on infant development: Baby's Best Start: Learn from an expert pediatric physical therapist and pediatric speech therapist/lactation counselor how to best support your baby's feeding and sleeping skills. Baby's Best Moves: Learn from an expert pediatric physical therapist how to promote your infant's essential motor skills from birth to 6 months and how to prevent common delays and deformities.

Individual Psychotherapy

Sowania Germain,LMHC


1 hour Individual Psychotherapy *Specialization in Maternal Mental Health ie; Anxiety, Depression, Pregnancy loss, parent of child in NICU *Birth Trauma

Mental Health Therapist

Bloom Wellness Counseling


1 in 7 mothers will experience a Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorder during pregnancy or in the year following birth. However, having a support system is known to be a protective factor and an essential component of recovery. Bloom Wellness Counseling provides individual therapy for moms. Because the greatest gift we can give our children is a well-cared-for mother.


Cherished Mom


Pregnant and postpartum mamas (up to 4 months) receive an immediate incentive upon completing maternal mental health education at


Rebecca Gerlach and Associates

Plymouth, MI

We provide therapy before, during and after pregnancy. We have each walked our own motherhood journey, or are in the midst of it too! We'd be happy to help with your mental health needs so you can be the best parent you can be. You matter, and we want to support you! We offer sessions in person and online to meet your needs.

To Parenthood & Beyond Package

Grace Street Counseling


3-50min. Therapy Sessions (1 Prenatal,1 Postpartum,1 Additional) for your journey into parenthood. With the excitement of preparing for the birth day we double, or even triple, check our hospital bags for socks, snacks, and the perfect ‘bring your baby home’ outfit. However, often we overlook the importance of packing & then unpacking our mental & emotional bag for our journey into motherhood. Giving birth not only makes babies, it makes moms.

Pregnancy Loss Support

Michelle Brannam Coaching


6 month private 1:1 coaching program for pregnancy loss mothers Together we will work on optimizing you mind and body after a pregnancy loss so you can prepare for conceiving your rainbow baby with confidence, joy, and ease * Weekly 1:1 sessions * Worksheet to accompany our weekly sessions * Unlimited email support * Unlimited access to Michelle during virtual hours using Voxer (messaging app) * Support & Community with other women

Parent Coaching & Mental Health Support

The CounseLaur


I am a licensed social worker, former practicing attorney, professional coach, and mother of two young children. As a therapist and advocate, my counseling and consulting services support women experiencing life transitions. I am certified in perinatal mental health and passionate about supporting new, working, aspiring, and other mothers.

Postpartum Mental Health Support

Evolve Counseling Services


I provide individual 50-minute therapy sessions for new moms struggling with postpartum anxiety or depression, or who simply need a listening ear. In therapy sessions, we will work together to help you feel less overwhelmed and alone. The first few months can be hard, and I am here to listen and provide non-judgmental, compassionate support.

Perinatal Mental Health Support

Kelsie Hammons, LCSW PMH-C


I am a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) with a specialization in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C). I have a heart for supporting people through their reproductive years while they navigate the ups and downs of pre-parenting, pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood. I offer in-person and Telehealth sessions for mental health support. Let me support you during this beautiful yet vulnerable time.

Evidence-based, on-demand care to support emotional wellbeing, including low mood and anxious thoughts



Canopie is a 10-day, audio-based program that uses cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and compassion focused therapy tested through rigorous research and designed by and with new mothers. Canopie is both clinically effective and designed to work within a new parent's constraints. The right emotional support can ease the ups and downs that come with the transition to parenthood, and improve the bond between parent and infant.


Wholesome Healing Counseling Services LLC


I am a NYS licensed clinical social worker who has been in private practice therapy since 2017. More recently I have become passionate about treating expecting mothers and and new parents. I run an 8 week postpartum support circle for new mothers navigating the difficulties the adjustment to parenthood.

Postpartum Health Recovery Support

Asana Mama HypnoBirthing Chicago


Asana Mama is a virtual maternal wellness clinic providing Doctor lead programs from preconception through postpartum. Our postpartum recovery programs are headed by our Functional doctor partners, and maintained with our team of nutrition consultants, postpartum doulas, and maternal health experts. We provide twice monthly appointments, 24/7 messaging support, personalized health plans and a group of experts you can have in your pocket.

Perinatal Mental Health Services

Eucalyptus Health

Boise, ID

Eucalyptus Health offers mental health services to pregnant and postpartum parents in Idaho. Our providers are board certified nurse practitioners or nurse-midwives, specialists in both women's health and perinatal mental health. Transitioning to parenting is hard, and you aren't alone. All visits are conducted via telehealth, so you can relax in the comfort of your own home, without worrying about a long commute or finding childcare.


Healing House Energy Spa


We are all made of energy and this treatment works with your energy to restore balance and flow. Clearing blockages, aligning and charging chakras creates positive change in the physical body as well as mental health. As all mothers know, a pregnancy changes everything and finding balance again may be a challenge. Reiki can help with this and even for a mother with an easy pregnancy/birth, Reiki feels good, like a massage for your aura.

neuroSPICY postpartum coaching

neuroSPICY postpartum


Self-Paced Course Anxiety-Free Postpartum Digital Toolkit Postpartum Planner & Workbook Individualized Postpartum Plan (IPP) (4) One-on-One 30-Minute Postpartum Empowerment Calls Weekly Group Meetings Group Coaching Unlimited On-Call Support Access support services until your baby turns two. Lifetime access to the online course, digital materials, and upgrades

Postpartum Support

Her Journal


A 12-week guided program designed to transform you to be confident as a mom so that you can build a strong bond with your baby and find relief in the storm of postpartum. My service has been proven to help moms build a strong bond with their babies, find time for themselves, and come together with their support system. We will meet for one hour per week for 12 weeks. These meetings will include personalized guided support.

Lilivy Postpartum

Lilivy Postpartum


The first Boutique Postpartum Practice with personalized, supportive and specialized medical care founded by Stephanie Sublett, MD, an ObGyn, IBCLC & Perinatal Mental Health Specialist delivering the care you need when you need it! - Telemedicine Consultations (60 minutes) for moms in IN and WI - Home visits (90 minutes) in Fort Wayne, IN - Monthly Memberships available for moms in Indiana & Wisconsin

Mental Health Therapy

Restoring Wellness


Mental health therapy services within the state of Iowa. Sessions will be virtual unless able to travel to Dubuque, IA. Clients must reside in and/or be physically located within Iowa.

Sex Therapy

Sea Change Holistic Wellness Center


Sex is meant to be a rewarding & pleasurable part of life & often changes after babies. Many people have difficulty discussing concerns about their sexual health & can lead to emotional and physical intimacy struggles. Whether solo or partnered, Sex therapy increases communication & connection, & together we discover new ways to help find a meeting of the the minds & bodies helping you to achieve the sex life you always dreamed of.

Continuing Education

Seleni Institute


Seleni's online CE trainings equip providers, organizations, and advocates to support the emotional health of individuals and families. Courses are CE accredited for healthcare professionals, including psychologists, social workers, and doulas. The courses aim to broaden skills in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, loss and grief, mental health for young parents, and emotional wellbeing during COVID-19.

Pregnancy/Postpartum Therapy

SOURCE Psychotherapy: A Marriage and Family Therapy Corporation


We offer nurturing, smart, and individualized therapeutic support to mamas, papas, couples, and small grous who are navigating the transition to parenthood. We can help sort the multitude of emotions and thoughts, steer you towards the next right decision for you, help treat depression and anxiety, and help you identify meaningful village-building needs.

Board Certified Mental Health Coach

Community RN, LLC


Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach

Mental Health Support

Be Her Village


Having a baby is a big deal. We need support not only for our physical health but also for our mental health. Connect with a mental health specialist for a 1:1 session or a support group and find the care you deserve during your postpartum journey. *This is an example listing representing a service that may be available in your community. It is not associated with a local provider.*

Virtual Perinatal Mental Health Counseling

Meggie Zanger, LPCC


I'm a licensed therapist, certified in perinatal mental health counseling. Counseling can be incredibly beneficial for new moms as it provides a safe space for you to express your emotions, fears, and concerns about motherhood. I offer professional guidance and support, helping you navigate the challenges and transitions that come with caring for a newborn, ultimately promoting your mental well-being and fostering a stronger bond with your baby.

The DNA Way to Communicate will uplevel your family DNA today!

Us And Kids


DNA Way to Communicate Program keeps you connected as parents and as a couple. Same goals, same language for adult and kiddo conversations. * 10 Implementation Coaching Calls - 60 min. * 8 Key communication videos * Tools and worksheets * 4.5 Month program of skills development with a professional therapist/coach. Be the kind of partner and parent you want to be and stay married forever while you parent kiddos together!

Life + Marriage Support

Michelle Purta Coaching


90 minute deep dive coaching session with Michelle In this session, topics we can cover topics including (but not limited to) elevating marriage communication, connection, partnership, and most importantly, prioritizing the mama remembering who she is as a woman and how to keep her at the forefront even with how busy life can get with kids. This session is all about helping the mom be the woman, wife and mama she desires to be.

Find the Perfect Therapist with a Therapy Concierge



Therapy Concierge service is a personalized approach to finding the perfect therapist. Most practices offer a "free" consultation, but what they really mean is that they will assign you to one of their therapists. Our Concierge will find the perfect therapist for you based on your insurance, budget, location, and experience, regardless of network or affiliation. We keep working with you until you find the perfect match, no extra charges.

Private Support for New Parents

Tranquil Touch Birth & Women's Wellness


Prepare for what happens after your baby is born Learn how to take care of yourselves as new parents, how to care for your newborn, or explore and discover your baby's birth story with Exie, a Trauma-Informed Birth Specialist trained by Krysta Dancy and Postpartum Support International(PSI), with over 15 yrs of experience as a Certified Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator Class PDF Handouts included Full details & scheduling options online

Lilivy Postpartum Monthly Membership

Lilivy Postpartum


Postpartum Medical Care by Dr. Stephanie Sublett MD, IBCLC, ObGyn, Breastfeeding Medicine & Perinatal Mental Health Specialist for postpartum moms in Indiana and Wisconsin

Amy Swenson, LMFT, PMH-C

Amy Swenson, LMFT & Amy Swenson Coaching


I offer psychotherapy for people struggling with infertility and seeking emotional support throughout pregnancy and postpartum. I am certified in perinatal mental health. I offer a 12 week coaching program, Empowered Conceptions, for women struggling with the emotional effects of trying to conceive. The program helps reduce anxiety, balance emotions, build boundaries, strengthen self-care, and promote empowerment.

Beyond Labor - Prenatal, Birth & Postpartum Support

Beyond Labor


Bess at Beyond Labor offers compassionate, personal and evidence-based support for pregnancy, postpartum & parenthood. You are the expert in your own life. I seek to find balance in teaching and empowering. You are embarking on a journey into parenthood that is highly intuitive, instinctual, genetic, and familial. And yet, you still need and seek concrete information. Together, we will focus on truly informed decision-making for your family.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Coaching

Reproductive Journey Counseling and Support

Greenville, SC

For women & couples looking to address planning and navigating decisions surrounding this time of life- topics may include general well-being, decision making, educating and advocacy, supportive space for brainstorming or even accountability for life enhancing changes. Services available to eligible clients nationwide virtually or in-person for those in Greenville, SC.

Pregnancy or Postpartum Counseling

Reproductive Journey Counseling and Support


Private sessions typically last about an hour during which you’ll have a safe confidential space to share and benefit from unconditional positive regard and expert feedback. Approaches tailored to your unique needs by use of many modalities- including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, IFS for trauma, minfulness, somatic techniques, Gottman and EFT for couples. Services available to anyone in SC in person at our Greenville office or via video.

Perinatal Mental Health Counseling

Meggie Zanger, LPCC

San Jose, CA

I'm a licensed therapist, certified in perinatal mental health counseling. Counseling can be incredibly beneficial for new moms as it provides a safe space for you to express your emotions, fears, and concerns about motherhood. I offer professional guidance and support, helping you navigate the challenges and transitions that come with caring for a newborn, ultimately promoting your mental well-being and fostering a stronger bond with your baby.

neuroSPICY postpartum Coaching PLUS Placenta Encapsulation

neuroSPICY postpartum

Cherry Hill Township, NJ

Self-Paced Course Anxiety-Free Postpartum Digital Toolkit Postpartum Planner & Workbook Individualized Postpartum Plan (IPP) (4) One-on-One 30-Minute Postpartum Empowerment Calls Weekly Group Meetings Group Coaching Unlimited On-Call Support Access support services until your baby turns two. Lifetime access to the online course, digital materials, and upgrades

Parent coaching

Mommy Groove Therapy & Parent Coaching


3 45-minute zoom parenting coaching sessions. We'll tailor our sessions to your exact needs to launch your family on the best path. You'll leave with a tool kit to start using with your child on day one. We'll discuss any road blocks to keep your progress going. Small changes can have a huge impact. Get started today.

Ayurvedic Mind Body Wellness Counseling for Mothers

Ayuwise Ayurvedic Counseling


Motherhood can be very demanding and depleting. The children we love can often times get on our nerves and exhaust us. I hear you! If you are struggling with any of the following issues - reactivity, sensitivity, overwhelm, low energy, excess thoughts, anxiety, depression or just feeling STUCK, I can offer Ayurvedic and Yogic counseling to help you find your energy, calm and balance! I will hold your hand so you don't have to do this alone!

Hypnosis for Parenthood

Hyp Mamas Hub

City of Long Beach, NY

Hypnosis is a great way to improve your parenting skills. Hypnosis can help you feel relaxed and confident about being a new parent or stay calm and assertive when your child is misbehaving. With hypnosis, you will discover how to dissociate your own emotional responses and conditionings when disciplining your child. You’ll learn easy and fast self-hypnosis techniques to make the most of limited sleep, keep light and balanced on challenging days.

Prenatal or Postpartum Mental Health Consult

It Takes A Village: Parenting Wellness Consulting and Psychotherapy, PLC


A consultation with licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Aubrey Carpenter entails a 90-minute visit for the birthing person or partner, conducted virtually or in Dr. Carpenter’s office in Richmond, VT. The consultation includes an overall assessment of strengths and areas in need of support during the prenatal and postpartum era. Dr. Carpenter is trained by Postpartum Support International and has over a decade of experience caring for families.

Postpartum Mental Health Support

The Motherhood Wellness Clinic


Our tailored support package offers 4 one-on-one sessions with a marriage and family therapist, strategically scheduled at key transition points. Get personalized guidance and support through the ups and downs of early parenthood.

Mental Health Support during Pregnancy and Postpartum

Maternally Mindful Counseling Center


We offer virtual therapy services for women in Georgia who are pregnant or postpartum. Whether you are struggling with thoughts on whether or not you will be a good mom, if you are wrestling with how your own childhood may impact how you show up as a mom, or if depression/anxiety is popping up, we are here to help!! We have clinicians who specialize in pregnancy and postpartum and it truly is our passion to serve women. in this space!

Postpartum Prep Course

The Joywell


If this is your first baby and you want to be prepared for your transformation into a mom, or if you are in your second (or third, fourth, and so on) pregnancy and remember the distant blur of your last fourth trimester and want a different experience, this course is for you. In the course, you will learn how to improve the anxiety, stress, and chaos that swirled around the tiny, perfect moments—moments you want more of this time around.

Couples Counseling

Meggie Zanger, LPCC

San Jose, CA

I'm a licensed therapist, certified in perinatal mental health counseling. Whether you are first-time parents or adding to your family, couples counseling can be helpful in addressing anxieties leading up to birth and adjusting to the impact a new baby can have on a relationship. I offer professional guidance and support, helping you navigate new routines while maintaining connection and intimacy in this new season of your relationship.

Life Coach for Women

Christine Anastasia Coaching and Consulting


I provide 1-1 coaching to overwhelmed and burned out moms that struggle to prioritize their needs. My coaching services are virtual and held over zoom. I use mindset and daily habits to support you in your motherhood path so you can find ways to support yourself in micro steps, not overhaul your life. As a mom of 3 littles under 7, I understand the nuances of being a full time working parent, SAHM, entrepreneur, and also part time work.

Motherhood Survival Manual Masterclass - Jill Zechowy, M.D.

Motherhood Survival Manual


Author of the Motherhood Survival Manual teaches you proven skills to reduce your risk of developing Postpartum Depression & Anxiety! - 7 Modules & 34 Self-Paced Videos (5.5 hrs) in bite-sized chunks - Learn What Really Causes PPD & Prevention Tools - Over 20 Techniques for Better Sleep - Tips for Successful Breastfeeding - Reduce Colic & Crying - Survival Plans for every stage Become the Mama you want to be!

Preparing Your Relationship for Baby

Therapy For Motherhood


Three hour-long sessions for you and your partner to learn strategies that you can implement immediately. As you become parents, your relationship will face enormous transition and change. Learn how to improve communication, decrease friction, and balance workloads. This is an opportunity to improve your relationship and be on a path to closeness, strength, and intimacy that will provide a healthy foundation for your family.

Maternal Mental Health Support

Seleni Institute


The Seleni Institute provides psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families experiencing mental and emotional health concerns surrounding the transition to parenthood, family building, life transitions, baby blues, and more. Our experienced clinicians provide individually-tailored, evidence-based psychotherapy both in-person in our New York office and through telehealth services in New York, Florida, and Virginia.

Virtual mental health care for the path to parenthood

Mavida Health


Mavida Health is a comprehensive, specialized virtual mental health care offering for the path to parenthood. From trying to conceive, to pregnancy (including adoption & surrogacy), for those experiencing loss, or in the postpartum, Mavida offers clinical care (in CA, NY, NJ) - including 1:1, group, and couples therapy, plus medication management, educational content, and supportive community, all from the comfort of home with our new app.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Therapy

Samantha Gumul, LMSW


I am a clinical therapist (with lived experience as a mama) who supports women during their pregnancy and postpartum journey. My therapy style is comforting, authentic and conversational. I will sit with you, empower you, and collaborate with you to feel less overwhelmed as we navigate this experience of becoming a mother. I offer both virtual and in-person sessions.

Mental Health Support

Be Her Village


Having a baby is a big deal. We need support not only for our physical health but also for our mental health. Connect with a mental health specialist for a 1:1 session or a support group and find the care you deserve during your postpartum journey. *This is an example listing representing a service that may be available in your community. It is not associated with a local provider.*


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