Lactation Counselor

Breastfeeding is “natural,” right? Then why is it so HARD? The truth is mamas and babies both need to learn how to breastfeed. An in-home lactation visit is often the difference between giving up and having a successful breastfeeding relationship.
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Home, office & virtual services. 30-120 min lactation support for prenatal & postnatal. Supporting moms through all feeding journeys, approaching moms holistically. Extensive training in tongue ties/TOTS.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Course Bundle

Mother Nurture Maternity


This includes access to my signature digital intro to breastfeeding course “Love at First Latch”, a 30 minute 1:1 virtual lactation consultation that can be used anytime prenatally or postpartum, and access to a monthly virtual support group “Coast to Coast Lactation Lounge” hosted by myself and Trina Goodwin, founder of The Lactating Mama.

Prenatal Lactation Consult & "All About Breastfeeding" Online Course (Covered in full with BCBS, Anthem, Florida Blue or Cigna Insurances Plans)

Nichole McCloy, LLC


I have some pretty great news to share with you! I am able to accept insurance coverage for virtual prenatal lactation consults🎉 What does this mean for you? Well if you are pregnant and would like to check to see if your insurance is accepted you can use the link here: to see if you qualify for a FREE visit and my FULL breastfeeding course ($197 Value!).

Lactation Consultants

Wellspring Lactation

Hanover, MN

​​Each lactation consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes. During a home visit, your baby will have a full assessment, including an oral exam, weight and evaluation of feeding. We will address any of your concerns. We will provide guidance on feeding and pumping, including evaluation of your pump and flange size if you desire. A virtual consultation includes all except the oral exam and weight. Includes 1 week phone/message follow up.

Lactation Education and Support

Pregnancy Birth & Parenting Co.

Plano, TX

Get the education and support needed to successfully feed your infant breastmilk.

Lactation Counseling

Zen Doula

Miller Place, NY

In person Lactation Counseling for all your breastfeeding needs. During pregnancy I will teach you breastfeeding techniques, how to read babies hunger cues and more so you are fully prepared when Baby arrives. After birth you will have a full lactation consultation to evaluate Baby's latch, milk production and any concerns you may have. Virtual options available.

Breastfeeding Support Package

Motherhood Blooms Lactation


Learning to breastfeed alongside your new baby can feel really overwhelming! I can help things feel easier. This package includes 1, 1 hour long initial consultation (in person or virtual) where we can ease any fears or worries you might have and create a plan for feeding your baby. It also includes 1, 45 minute follow up consultation. You’ll also have a full 4 weeks of messaging support with me

Postpartum Lactation Consultation

Amaryllis Lactation Support LLC


An initial postpartum lactation consultation is a two-hour, highly individualized consultation, where we can discuss many different issues. A full feeding assessment is done, including a weighted feed if desired, or just a weight check. We may address some common breastfeeding issues, including breast or nipple pain, difficulty latching, a fussy or sleepy baby, and how to survive overnights.

Lactation Support and Baby Wearing Educatiom

Latched Lake Country

Delafield, WI

We offer judgement-free, evidence-based lactation support in Southeast Wisconsin (Delafield office). With the flexibility of office visits, home visits, & virtual consults, we offer options that fit every lactation need. From low supply, to over supply, and prenatal preparation to oral restrictions, our in-hospital & private practice experience sets us apart from the rest. We provide a holistic approach to lactation care. Can’t wait to meet you!

Lactation Consultation

MamandTots LLC Lactation

Yaphank, NY

In depth consultations include an assessment on lactation goals, issues, and concerns. A consult includes maternal, infant/child, and feeding assessments. A complete plan of care is provided, as well as follow-up support as needed.

Lactation Consultation

humbled by motherhood

Carson, CA

The 1.5-2 hr visit is customized to meet your needs and can support you through initial latching, bottle feeding, pumping, formula feeding, and/or weaning. Regardless of how you choose to feed your baby, the body is designed to make milk, and having support is the best way to maintain optimal breast health throughout the process.

Lactation Consult

Laura Burch Lactation Support


During our initial consultation, we will... Identify the likely cause of any breast/nipple pain Assess your baby's feeding skills Assess your baby's latch & positioning Evaluate your baby's oral space & observe for signs of possible tongue or lip tie Assess your baby's body structure & mobility Address milk supply or milk transfer issues weigh baby before & after feed You will be provided a written report of the findings, appropriate referrals

Lactation Support

The Empowered Latch

Fredericksburg, VA

This package includes one hour long prenatal visit, an initial 2 hour postpartum visit during the first week after baby’s arrival, an hour long follow up visit, as well as direct access to me through secure messaging and video call for the first month postpartum.

Lactation Counseling

Planted Serenity

Mechanicsburg, PA

I provide a wide range of services ranging from breastfeeding support both before and after birth, breast pumping support including fitting for correct flange size, and support for when you return to work, helping you fight for your rights.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Family Roots Postpartum Care

Williamstown, NJ

*Identification of Family goals for breastfeeding. *Full assessment of Parent and Baby (ies) to include history of the current pregnancy and birth. *Establishment of a plan of care for Baby and/ or Parent consistent with the Family needs and goals.

Office Visit

Beyond the Breast

Aledo, TX

Assessment of latch & positioning. Infant weight check, assessment of infant's mouth and overall structure. Develop care plan and answer questions to help families reach their feeding goals.

Breastfeeding 101 Virtual Class

Gentle Giraffes, LLC


Whether this is your first or third child, this class will be beneficial to make the feeding and bonding in those first few weeks a little smoother. Breastfeeding 101 is a comprehensive virtual class that deep dives into each topic with our resident Lactation Consultant. -The Importance of Breastfeeding -The Lactation Process -Breastfeeding Must Haves -The Golden Hour -The First 24 Hours -The Beginning - the first 6 weeks -The Long Haul

MilkFace Breastfeeding & Lactation Support

MilkFace Breastfeeding & Lactation Support

Newton, NJ

Prenatal and initial newborn consults last until all questions are resolved, typically 1-2 hours. Follow ups and weight checks are typically 30 minutes. Weaning consults, pumping consults, and introducing solids are typically about 1 hour. I work for the babies. We wait until the babies are calm and ready to feed so consult times may vary.

Breastfeeding support and education

Mama Baby Lactation and Wellness

McMinnville, OR

Breastfeeding is so rewarding and great for mom and baby. It is natural but not always easy. Both mom and baby are learning a new skill and learning to work together. Sometimes there are bumps in the road. Being prepared ahead of time with a prenatal Breastfeeding class can definitely help but sometimes families need someone to come along side them to conquer some challenges. I am here to help you to reach your feeding goals.

Lactation support

Latch On Lactation Support


Support for moms that are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. I help with education, questions and problem solving that comes with breastfeeding and pumping. This includes latch issues, supply worries, pump sizing and education, and back to work or school plans.

Lactation (Prenatal & Postpartum)

Mother's Magical Milk

Mansfield, TX

Prenatal Breastfeeding 101 (group) Class: 2.5 hours; hands on and interactive, brunch provided 1:1 Prenatal Breastfeeding Assessment: 45min & client leaves with a personal breastfeeding plan Postpartum In Office Initial Visit: - full intake, weighted feed, pumping, personal care plan Postpartum In Office Follow Up Visit: continuation of previous visits

Lactation specialist

Maravillas Birth y Más


Phone and or virtual consultation. Prenatal assessment ,consultation & feeding plan. After birth breastfeeding consultation. Help with pumping schedule for Returning to School/work.

Lactation Support, Education & Cheerleading

baby beloved, inc.

Grand Rapids, MI

In the business of lactation since 1994, we know what families REALLY need to reach their goals. It's often a mix of prenatal education (we offer both a breastfeeding AND a pumping/working video series) and real-person guidance (we offer telehealth, phone calls, in-person and home visits in west Michigan area), in addition to free monthly live Q&A webinars to get those pesky questions addressed from an IBCLC/RN.

Breastfeeding A to Z

CFA, Inc. & Fit4mom Long Island


For Parents-to-Be Undecided about breastfeeding? Feeling pressure? Confused and overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice and information? This class will provide you with the knowledge you need to decide what is best for you and your family. This essential information will enable you to feel more confident and be better prepared. Partners are strongly encouraged to attend. This class is available in person or via Zoom.

Lactation support from an experienced nurse-midwife, lactation consultant & postpartum advocate

Rooted Lactation and Family Care

Madison, WI

Services include: Prenatal package (1hr virtual or in person visit + ongoing communication until baby's birth), Postpartum package (1.5hr initial visit + 1hr follow up visit), Additional postpartum visits (1hr), Back-to-work consultation (45min virtual or in person visit), Virtual visits (20 min or 45min)

Prenatal Lactation Consultation

Sunny Side Postpartum Care


Feeling prepared for the first few days will put you at ease as you and your baby learn to breastfeed! We will cover nursing positions, learn about your baby's latch, and learn how to fix common mishaps to prepare you for breast/chestfeeding your little one. We will also discuss how breastmilk's made, baby's cues before, during, and after feeding, the benefits of skin-to-skin contact and Golden hour, and signs your baby is getting enough milk!

In Home Lactation Consultanting/IBCLC

Over The Moon Lactation Consulting

Caldwell, ID

Expert Lactation support for pregnant or postpartum families. I work to meet the goals of the family. A typical breastfeeding consult will include full history and physical assessment of mother and baby, weight before and after a feeding session, pumping instruction and flange sizing, trouble shooting any difficulties that may arise. I give a written care plan for each visit and work together with your healthcare team. Typically 90-120 minutes.

Breastfeeding Support

Boundless Birth

Butte County, CAL Fire Northern Region, California, United States

In home support for lactation. Assistance with latch, positioning, pumping and breastfeeding education

Lactation Consultant

Honeysuckle & Pearl Courtney Deitch, IBCLC


Pregnancy visits to get ready for your breastfeeding journey Lactation Visits, specializing in tongue tie and difficultly breastfeeding

Lactation Consultations

GROW Lakeland, LLC

Lakeland, FL

Private consultations are available in our office as well as the family's home (depending on location and subject to travel fee). Initial consultations include a comprehensive feeding evaluation, functional oral exam to assess for tongue and lip ties and abnormal oral tone, full body evaluation to assess for sources of body tension or muscle weakness that can negatively impact feeding skills, and a weight gain assessment.

1:1 Breastfeeding Support

Go Milk Yourself


1 Initial Session (1 hour), followed by 4 follow-up sessions (30 mins each), and continuous text/phone/video support, for two weeks after Initial Session - all designed for you to make feeding work for you and your baby! If you are pregnant when you book services, we include a prenatal breastfeeding consultation to talk about your goals and get you set up for success.

Lactation Support and Education

Latch Lactation LLC

Lakewood, CO

Initial evaluation and consultation includes before and after weights on professional scale, relaxed organic positioning, assessment of infant latch and transfer and recommendations for oral therapy if needed. 90 minute visit also includes medical history and discussion of feeding expectations with a plan. Pumping and bottling included if needed. 25 years of experience and patience an added bonus.

Flange sizing & Milk Supply Assessment

The Milk Effect


This service includes a 30 minutes virtual appointment via chat or video call that will assess milk supply and do a nipple sizing for a flange/insert that is being/will be used in a breastfeeding journey

IBCLC, Lactation Support and Childbirth Educator

Quabbin Birth Services

Athol, MA

I can provide in person or virtual support. In person support includes: Weighted feeds, oral evaluation, latch and positioning evaluation, milk supply evaluation and education, pumping education, flange fittings, over supply plan, low supply plan, hormonal difficulties and referrals to other providers if necessary. Virtual consults include all of this excluding weighted feeds and possibly oral evaluations.

Lactation Support

Lollies Lactation

Winston-Salem, NC

*Prenatal breastfeeding education and planning *Postpartum infant feeding support (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, breast pumping, creating feeding plans) *In-home or Virtual *On-line postpartum support and infant feeding course (Birdie at the Breast)

Breastfeeding Counselor and Educator

Rotem Doula

Palo Alto, CA

I provide breastfeeding education pre and post birth and support with the mom's breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding Support Package

Doula At Hart

Hartwell, GA

Consultation (Prenatal) | $free 1 Virtual Check In (within the first 48hrs after birth ) | 1hrs 4 weeks of breastfeeding support | starting the first week home with baby, scheduled once a week, 1.5hours/visit Phone Support | through calls and texts for all the questions in between (beginning after baby is born through length of support package) *Nutritional Coaching & Additional hours can be added as needed at a fee of $25/hr

Lactation Consultant

Meaningfully Nurtured

Lakeside, CA

Initial Lactation Consultation- approximately 1.5 hours. This appointment can be In-Home or Virtual.

Lactation Support

Beloved Birth & Baby

Town of New Paltz, NY

Bodyfeeding is natural but does not always come naturally, Baby and Parent must learn this new dance and that takes time and support. Whatever your feeding goals look like, Danielle is their to help support your journey. As a certified lactation support counselor, Danielle will support you with bodyfeeding, bottle feeding or pumping. Danielle offers in home support within 30 miles of New Paltz, NY and virtual consults to anywhere in the country.

Lactation Support

Karma Tudor, Inc.

North Babylon, NY

I am a Certified Lactation Counselor and will provide support and education to help you with breastfeeding your newborn. -Breastfeeding Observations -Support with Nipple, Pain Engorgement and other obstacles that may arise -Nursing/Bottle-feeding Recommendations -Breast pump Assistance -Milk Storage Questions -Resources and Educational Materials provided as needed $50 Virtually Support per hour. $75 In Person Support per hour.

Ultimate New Mama Bliss Program

The Mama Hub

Detroit, MI

This program provides the support you need to navigate early motherhood with ease. You'll feel calm, strong and confident during your birth and postpartum period. What's included: *Virtual Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding, Postpartum Prep, & Newborn Care classes (value $600) *3 Lactation Consults-1 prenatal & 2 postpartum (value $600) *Access to private Facebook breastfeeding community

Birth and Breastfeeding Education

Maternal Instincts By Jill Duke


The Beautiful Breastfeeding Program includes: 4 weekly, LIVE Group Sessions personally guiding you through every step of the program. Lifetime access to The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program($100 value). Personalised guidance to create your unique birth plan. Lifetime membership to the Breastfeeding Club. Interactive 'Ask a Midwife' (Zoom Calls) with Dr Robyn and her expert team of midwives. Breastfeeding Room.

Breastfeeding Preparation Classes

Mother Knows Breast UK


I am a certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator. I deliver the Beautiful Breastfeeding Programme to pregnant women, to help them be in control of their labour, their birth, and their breastfeeding journey. By joining during pregnancy, you'll have the benefit of personalised guidance as you approach your estimated due date with support from myself and my team of Thompson Method experts.

Infant Feeding, Childbirth Education, Postpartum Services

Mother Nurture


-Breastfeeding sessions last anywhere from 30-90 minutes (virtually or in person) and cover everything from preparing for breastfeeding to complicated problem solving. -Birth Story Medicine sessions last 60-75 minutes & (virtually or in person) help you process the events of your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum, no matter how long ago. -Comfort Measures class lasts 60-90 minutes (virtual or in person) & assists couples in preparing for birth.

Montly Lactation Support Program

Breastfeeding Balance, LLC


Monthly Programs available for Lactation Support. Weekly visits for 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks (or customozed to a timeframe that works for you). In person or Virtual options avalable. Educational Resources included. Email/phone access for immediate questions/concerns the entire length of your program and sometimes even further beyond your timeline if necessary. See website for more details.

Lactation Consult

Birth and Milk, LLC

Newport News, VA

From prenatal education and planning to full feeding evaluations, latch assessments, weighted feeds and assessment for TOTs, I offer comprehensive lactation services in the comfort of your own home. In person appointments are up to 2 hours and include comprehensive assessment, evidence-based information, clinical notes, and personalized plan of care to help you meet your personal feeding goals.

Feeding Evaluation

Jenni Johnson Breast Bottle and Beyond LLC

Green Bay, WI

Where to begin - your first feeding visit with Jenni Parent and infant history Weight check Feeding assessment and support with weighed feeding Milk removal assistance as needed Answers to questions Personalized feeding plan 2 weeks of messaging support

Lactation Mini Consult

Empower-A Birth Collective

Norfolk, VA

Single problem focused visit held at the Empower office

Lactation Counseling Package

Choosing Joy®️ (Registered Nurse/Doula)

Plainfield, NJ

Breastfeeding is natural, however finding a rhythm doesn’t always happen naturally. These Four 2 hour sessions are designed to provide breastfeeding education, increase confidence and empower you while nursing! I assess and troubleshoot common breastfeeding hang-ups in real time.

Breastfeeding Balance: Lactation Support and Education

Breastfeeding Balance, LLC

Hopkinton, MA

In home visits are on average 2hours. We will work on positioning, latch, feeding schedules, address any concerns questions or complications you may be experiencing and find appropriate solutions. My goal is to alleviate some of the stress associated with breastfeeding, and give you the tools to face challenges with confidence. We will work together and develop a breastfeeding plan tailored to your goals, expectations & lifestyle.

Nutrition and Lactation Support

Matrescence Nutrition


I provide: -postpartum recovery and lactation support -infants growth assessments and the transition to solids *in person visits are available for clients within a 20 minute drive of Cleveland, OH

Lactation Consult

Jackie Klefsaas Postpartum Support LLC


90 minute virtual lactation consult includes one 15 minute follow-up phone call to be used within 2 weeks of the visit. After two weeks it will be charged as a new lactation consult visit.

Lactation Support

Mama Bear Physical Therapy


These 60-minute sessions can be used prenatally to prepare for breastfeeding while you have the energy and brain space to absorb all this wonderful knowledge, or postpartum when you are in the trenches. Your one-on-one session with our certified lactation practitioner will give you support, knowledge, tools, and troubleshoot your challenges.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Medicine/Follow-up Lactation Consult with Dr. Cindy Rubin

In Touch Pediatrics and Lactation, PLLC


Have a prenatal medical consult with Dr. Cindy Rubin, a board-certified pediatrician and Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine specialist. Prenatal consults can help new moms feel more confident and prepared for their lactation journey. Dr. Rubin can especially help women who are at risk for having lactation difficulties (i.e. History of breastfeeding difficulties, hx of breast surgery, underlying medical condition).

Prenatal Consults

Lakeshore Lactation


Have a one on one consult before baby is born individualized to your unique situation. Have concerns about medical issues that could delay your milk? Is this your second or third ( or more) baby and you just want to make sure you are more prepared this time?

Boobs & Foods lactation virtual course

Julie Jordan


Included in my 4-8 week virtual course. -weekly one-on-one support (ZOOM) -evidenced-based guidance -Hot tips, tricks, and delicious recipes galore -unlimited access to email me your concerns and questions -up to 2 follow up calls -parent-approved product must-have list -invitation to my FB group with a whole network of other parents and breastfeeding professionals

Lactation Support

Guiding Mothers Lactation

Kenosha, WI

I offer initial evaluation and follow up, prenatal visits, pump flange fittings, one on one counseling for breastfeeding issues, bottle refusal visits and breastfeeding prep classes. I can help when you need breastfeeding education prenatally and after your baby is born I can help with low milk supply, baby not able to latch, baby not gaining weight, pumping, returning to work, nipple & breast pain and much more.

Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Birth Doula

Latch On To Me


I will provide a full assessment for any feeding difficulties: breastfeeding, bottle feeding and/or pumping. I am here to help in any way I can to help the families I work with to achieve their goals. There is no judgement. I am also doing some in home and office consults. Please reach out to learn more or visit me on my website at

Lactation Services

Be Her Village


In home visit to evaluate latch, milk transfer, and help address any breastfeeding issues. Visit lasts 2-3 hours. Phone and text support included.

Lactation Support

Be Her Village


I visit you in your home for breastfeeding support. 3-4 hours of support plus phone and email followup.

Lactation Support

Moments to Breathe, LLC Doula Services

Village of Garden City, NY

As a certified lactation counselor I provide prenatal feeding and lactation education as well as postpartum feeding and lactation support and education.

One on One Prenatal Lactation Class

D. Marie Lactation Counseling


This is a two hour, informative online prenatal lactation class taught by Danielle Wiebel, CLC for expecting parents in the last trimester of pregnancy. Taking a prenatal lactation class can help to build knowledge and confidence surrounding your feeding choice. The topics to be covered are: •Benefits of Breast/Chestfeeding •Advantages of Skin to Skin •Correct positioning and latching •Signs your baby is getting enough milk •and more!

Lactation consult

Just Right Lactation and Doula Support

Village of Freeport, NY

Consult includes visit in your home, which is a mini breastfeeding class, references and resources and phone/text follow up. Consult may last 1-3hours depending on what baby needs. Classes available prior to baby's arrival as well

Breastfeeding Classes

Lakeshore Lactation


Breastfeeding classes to make your breastfeeding journey a success with no stress. Prenatal support to be ready when baby arrives. Be prepared and confident. Worried breastfeeding won’t work for you? Concerned you won’t make enough milk for your baby? Donna will tailor your class to you and your needs to give the tools to a successful and enjoyable breastfeeding relationship with your baby.

Lactation E-Support Package

Rebel Roots Wellness


This provides you with unlimited text and email support, plus a weekly phone call with a CLC for a 1 month period. This can be used anytime after the arrival of your baby, and can be extended on a month-to-month basis. This is perfect for families that need a little direction along their nursing journey.

Breastfeeding support

Hannah Sharick, Postpartum Doula

DeLand, FL

1 hour of breastfeeding support (can be in person or virtual). As a breastfeeding educator, I can provide support to pregnant or new moms, getting them comfortable with the nursing process and providing tips and advice. I can refer to a specialist if there seems to be a problem.

Lactation/Breastfeeding Support

SOS Lactation

Houston, TX

We help with breastfeeding and infant feeding. Consultations typically included (but are not limited to) latching, positioning, milk supply, pumping/expressing milk, supplementation/bottle feeding, oral assessment, pre and post feed weights. Parents will receive a feeding plan at the end of consultation to support them in achieving their feeding goals. We also support families with Baby Led Weaning and Tummy Time Method.

Lactation Services

Nikki Canetti Birth & Lactation LLC

Hartland Township, MI

I provide virtual and in-person lactation appointments. Together we can address many concerns, such as: sore or cracked nipples, pain, infections, questions about pumping, tongue and lip tie concerns, engorgement, weaning, returning to work, concerns about milk supply, and more!

Lactation Support

Live Light Birth & Family

Royal Oak, MI

Our Certified Lactation Counselor will meet with you in your home to observe a feeding and offer suggestions, tools, and information to help you meet your feeding goals!

Lactation Consultation or Breastfeeding Support

Janet Fishstrom Dombro, ibclc

San Jose, CA

I come to your home . I bring a sensitive scale, possibly needed supplies including pump flanges in different sizes and all you need. I am there for you. I answer your questions, show you possible solutions to whatever challenges. Mostly I try to make breastfeeding more comfortable, easy and fun! Having raised five children myself , including twins, and working with babies for over 40 years, I have seen a lot! There is not one way, but many!

Lactation Care

Next Generation Lactation Service

Lansing, MI

These are 1 hour long visits at the site of your choice. At the appointment we will asses mom and baby. We will work with the family to come up with a custom feeding plan tailored to the families needs. After the appointment we will follow up by email, and be available to answer additional questions and concerns through email.

Lactation services

Bishop Babies

Dallas, TX

Lactation consultations include a maternal and infant health history, assessment of latch, milk supply and breastfeeding management. We will develop a personalized lactation plan and continue to follow up throughout your journey. Prenatal breastfeeding classes are also available, in addition to Baby Care Basics and CPR.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

Milkin’ Melanin Lactation Services LLC


Get your questions answered regarding how breastfeeding REALLY works and set yourself up for success! Prenatal consult includes your maternal health history, identifying risk factors, your feeding goals, and benefits and myths of breastfeeding, proper latch, how to relieve engorgement, and much more! (up to 120 min)

In-home Lactation Support

Milkin’ Melanin Lactation Services LLC

New Haven, CT

This package includes - 1 virtual prenatal consult (90-120 min) - 3 home visits! (2hrs ea, get 1 home visit free!) *Home visits include a complete maternal/infant assessment, weight check, assistance with latching, establishing your supply, and care plan. All reports will be sent to baby’s pediatrician. **Serving CT (New Haven, Fairfield, Hartford, and Middlesex Counties), NY (Lower Westchester County), and MA (Central Hampden County)

Virtual Lactation Support

Milkin’ Melanin Lactation Services LLC


Includes… - 1 virtual prenatal consultation (90-120 min) - 2 virtual postpartum consultations (60-90 min each) which include a complete maternal/infant assessment, assistance with latching, establishing/maintaining your milk supply, how to properly bottle feed, a care plan specific to your goals. All reports will be sent to baby’s pediatrician. *This package is recommended if you are outside of the service area.

Lactation Consultations

Mouths Of Babes Lactation Services

Escondido, CA

Review of you & your baby's pertinent health history & all of your lactation concerns. Infant weight check, necessary breastfeeding related supplies at time of consultation (breast pump and formula/donor breastmilk excluded), & text message support with me for 72 hours after visit (business hours apply). Includes an individualized care plan emailed to you, “Cheat Sheets”, & reports to physicians. (Some limitations apply to virtual care.)

Lactation Consultation

Hoosier Breast Friend, LLC

Saint Joseph, MI

Prenatal and Postpartum Lactation Consultation. Each lactation visit lasts about 60-90 minutes and includes a care plan designed specifically for you and your baby. Virtual appointments are offered worldwide. Home visits are available for families in Northwest Indiana, Southwest Michigan, and parts of Northeast Illinois. Office appointments are offered on Mondays in St. Joseph, MI.

Virtual - Complete Prenatal Lactation Education & Support Package

Jenna Wolfe


1 hr virtual (one-on-one) prenatal appointment (education focused) 1-2 hour postpartum consult (ideally within the first few days of birth. Virtual, or in-person for those in Essex County, Ontario, Canada) 1 virtual follow up Also included: 2 pre-recorded educational videos. ("The Importance of Prenatal Lactation Support" and "Early Days FAQ with an LC & OB nurse")

Lactation Class and Consult

Peachy Births: Doula and Lactation Services LLC


Private lactation consultation (in-home or virtual) to include: Review pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation experience Thorough health history Anatomy assessment (parent and baby) Sharing personal goals and hopes Observation of baby feeding/pumping Suggestions and Individualized Lactation Care Plan

IBCLC lactation services

Nourish Me Naturally Lactation & Doula Services, LLC

Roscommon, MI

Prenatal breastfeeding education, breastfeeding support, pumping support, help with pumps/equipment, referrals to pediatric dentist or feeding specialists. You can visit my website or facebook for doula service information as well. Offering both birth and postpartum services.

Lactation Consultant

Breast Is Best Lactation Services LLC

Lancaster, TX

Momi- Baby Assessment. Every breastfeeding couplet should have an assessment that assures mom and baby that positioning and latch are correct and that mom understands when to pump her breasts, as well as understanding that breastfeeding is never timed, always on demand. Sore Nipples are not tolerated!!!

Lactation consultation

Milk and Honey Breastfeeding Services


Full history of mom and baby, full birth history, Examination of mom and baby, full evaluation of breastfeeding, answers to any questions or concerns, complete care plan and follow up phone/text support. Service available in person or virtually.

IBCLC (lactation consultant) support

The Midwest Momma Collective


One 90-minute consult that can address the most common infant feeding concerns (e.g. , a non-latching, sleepy, or fussy baby, formula supplementation, infant weight-loss, nipple pain, nipple damage: cracking, bleeding, scabbing, or open wounds, flat/inverted nipples, ​tethered oral tissue: lip, buccal, and/or tongue ties, engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis, low supply, oversupply, bottle refusal, etc.)

Prenatal Lactation Class

Latch with Love


60-90 minute class via zoom to prepare for the normal course of breastfeeding from first latch through first year! Includes 3 consecutive days text support within baby’s first week of life

Postpartum Breastfeeding Consultation

Mothering with Heart

Spokane Valley, WA

Would you like to have your breastfeeding questions answered in the privacy of your own home? My 2-3 hour service offers a full assessment of you, baby (includes oral evaluation), positioning, proper latch, & a full feeding. This service includes helpful handouts, aftercare instructions and phone/text follow-ups as needed.

Lactation Consultation

Rebecca McCann Lactation, LLC


I provide visual assessments, answer questions, and help you create a feeding plan that addresses your concerns and helps achieve your goals. Home visits may include hands-on support and baby weights. Initial home visits last about 2 hours. Initial virtual consultations last 60-90 minutes. Both include 2 weeks of follow-up support by secure messaging or email. Virtual consultations available in many locations in the U.S.

Lactation, all ages and stages


East Northport, NY

1.5 hour prenatal consults * 2 hour infant feeding classes * 1.5 hour follow-ups * 2-2.5 hour initial consults * Consultations for infant breast/chest feeding/pumping/bottle feeding/return to work/transition to formula/combination feeding/weaning * Virtual, and in-person appointments available (phone appointments available for existing clients)

Infant-Feeding Support

Riley Lactation Services


1 hour infant feeding session. A 2-hour post-partum consultation. Two 1-hour post-partum evaluation sessions In-person services by request only (no travel fee within 25 miles)

Lactation Support and Breastfeeding Prenatal Planning

Bosom Babies Lactation

Jacksonville, NC

Initial Consults 90-120 minutes Follow-up Consults 60-75 minutes

Agape Doula Lactation

Agape Doula & Midwifery Service

Oklahoma City, OK

Danielle M. Lugrand is a Certified Lactation Counselor, Chocolate Milk Cafe Facilitator, and Certified Breastfeeding Educator who provides virtual and in-person visits to assist the Dyad (Lactator and baby) in meeting their lactuation goals. Danielle is skilled and trained to screen for Tethered Oral Tissues - TOTs ( a.k.a.-oral restrictions). Danielle has been providing lactation support to families for the past 22 years.

Prenatal Lactation Class

Jacqueline Jancek


I provide virtual lactation education & support for families. Prenatal classes are live and can be broken into multiple classes or one long one. Classes are about 3 hours.

Certified Lactation Counselor

Birth, Breast, & Beyond LLC

Meridian, MS

Lactation Consultations and Birth Plans Virtual Lactation Consultations and Birth Plans

1 on 1 consultation with an IBCLC

Holly Johnson, IBCLC, LLC


From prenatal education, breastfeeding guidance, low supply, navigating oral restrictions and release, pumping, introducing a bottle, returning to work, and so much more. A 1 on 1 consultation with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, can help you reach your breastfeeding goals.

Basic Postpartum Lactation Support

Bayou City Breastfeeding

Humble, TX

Includes 2 visits to provide comprehensive lactation support for new families. Initial visit: 2+ hours in length Follow up: 1.5+ hours in length Post-visit support via secure messaging Available at any of our office locations throughout greater Houston and surrounding areas. Home visit option is available, but a travel fee of $70 per visit will apply for in home visits.

Lactation Support

Labors of Love Lactation Support

Jersey Village, TX

Initial lactation evaluation visits range from 2-3 hours of evaluation and counseling. A weighted feed will be performed if baby cooperates. Follow up visits range from 1-2 hours "Back-to-work"-all things pumping and storing including a flange sizing

Lactation / Feeding / Parent Support

Milk Connections

Bellaire, TX

We want to empower you to reach your breastfeeding and chestfeeding goals and develop lasting connections with your baby, your new family, and your parenting community. We provide you with: A strong community of parent-to-parent support through new parent classes A supportive prenatal and lactation care plan and follow-ups to help you achieve your goals Education to help you make the best decisions for your family

Lactation Support

Tranquility Birth and Beyond


We will together create a lactation plan that works for you and your family while at home or going back to work. Help with flange sizing if needed. During our time my goal is that you become clear in what you want and know the steps to get there. Also, included you will receive one week of follow-up and Q&A via email/ text.

Lactation & Infant Feeding Support

Arkansas Doulas

Little Rock, AR

Lacation consultants are experts in infant feeding. You don't have to be putting your baby to your breast/body to see with us. We can help with varous feeding methods to help you feel fully supported. Let us help you find your MilkyWay!

Lactation Consult



1 hour virtual visit for lactation support. Can be a pre or postnatal visit. To learn the 101 of breastfeeding and troubleshooting common hurdles we can encounter in our breastfeeding journey. Available to discuss establishing & protecting a milk supply, proper latch, pumping, bottle/combo feeding. Return to work and weaning

Lactation Education and Support

Holly Janda - Birth Support

New Smyrna Beach, FL

Full spectrum lactation support and baby feeding, including mothers that do not wish to bring their baby to the breast. Prenatal education, new mom support, including latch assessment and milk transfer. Follow ups , pumping support all the way to weaning your baby or toddler.

Virtual Pumping Prenatal or Postnatal Lactation Counseling

Pump with Purpose LLC


Pump with Purpose offers one-on-one pump counseling sessions and specializes in assisting with everything related to pumping, including helping with pumping concerns, developing plans, setting schedules, pump and pumping product education. All booked sessions include a personalized care plan and relevant free guide(s) e-mailed within 48 hours of session.

Lactation Support

Love Latch Lactate

Long Beach, CA

After a free 15-minute phone chat to be sure we're a good fit, I offer lactation support during pregnancy and beyond. From help with latch, pumping, low supply, pain or sore nipples, oversupply or forceful letdown, clogged ducts, relactation, paced bottle feeding, feeding during pregnancy, tandem feeding, returning to work, all the way through to weaning. I'm here for you every step of the way- no question is too small. I am here to support you!

Lactation Counseling, myofunctional therapy, Cranialsacral fascial therapy

Myofunctional Partners

Los Angeles, CA

As a myofunctional therapist, lactation counselor, and infant body worker I am passionate about helping parents with breastfeeding and oral development. Proper oral muscle function leads to children who breathe, sleep, and function better throughout their lives. I have also been trained in “The Gillespie Approach “ and incorporate this modality to address fascial restrictions throughout the body.

Holistic Breastfeeding Coach

Empowered Bumps and Boobs


- Six 1:1 Breastfeeding/health coaching sessions (before and/or after birth) - Lifetime access to Empowered Breastfeeding Bootcamp online course & community - Pre-birth coaching to gain confidence about feeding baby and caring for your postpartum self - Guidance on purchasing items that support successful breastfeeding - Support once baby arrives with working through common feeding issues, and reaching your goals -Weekly call with other moms

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Long Island Latch

Village of Patchogue, NY

60-90 minute home: /office/virtual Prenatal consults, postpartum consult with ongoing support

Lactation Support

Dragonfly Postpartum Doula Care

Alfred, ME

Lactation support includes assessing latch, discussing sore nipples or milk supply concerns, and addressing any parental concerns or questions.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

The Mama Coach

Charlotte, NC

Having breastfeeding education before baby arrives can help you feel prepared and excited for this journey! This 1 hour class will provide you with evidence informed breastfeeding information, tips and proper technique to set you up for success! We will also cover: What to expect in the immediate postpartum period Prenatal hand expression Feeding cues and ensuring an effective feed Common breastfeeding complications And more!

Postpartum Lactation Support Package

The Mama Coach

Charlotte, NC

This package includes a 1-2 hour consult after baby's arrival that assesses feeding and provides recommendations to address your concerns and challenges! This is a personalized approach that allows ample time to observe a feeding in the comfort of your home. Also included: A follow-up email that summarizes the assessment and recommendations Seven days of follow-up email support to ensure you reach your feeding goals

Lactation support Breastfeeding assist

Midwest Lactation Services LLC

Overland Park, KS

Breastfeeding can be challenging, but it does not have to be. I can help you and prepare you before your baby arrives! I can assist with painful breastfeeding and latch, oral assessment / tongue function, low milk supply, oversupply, pumping milk / back to work, induced lactation, weaning. Virtual consult takes about one hour and can be conducted either over the phone or via a HIPAA compliant video chat program.

Hailey Sederburg, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor - Bloom and Grow Birth Doula Services

Bloom and Grow Birth Doula Services

Springfield, MO

Hailey offers caring lactation support to help you meet your breastfeeding goals!

Lactation Consult | In Home or Virtual Nationwide

Land of Milk and Babies


Offering: Prenatal Consults with personal class Postpartum Consults Weaning Consults Bottle Feed Consults All consults include In-depth Consultation Flange Fitting & Pump Assessment (if applicable) Log-in for Parent Portal with access to full notes + Care Plans Personalized Lactation Care Plan Coordinated Care with Provider For full descriptions of each service see:

Lactation Support

Milkyways Lactation Services

Bismarck, ND

I provide a comprehensive full-spectrum Lactation visit, before or after the baby has arrived. Initial visits are 90min in length typically. If there are specific problems those areas addressed along with a detailed care plan to work on improving any issues that are of concern.

Lactation Support

Birth & Beyond UAE


1 hour WhatsApp lactation consultation.

The Bestie Plan

ShowMe Therapy with @Kyla.and.Courtney


Baby feeding support from infant feeding therapists; dual certified in lactation counseling. Beginning at sign up you'll get total access to the experts in the form of unlimited text replies and specially curated handouts sent to your phone. You'll be greeted into the program with handouts like Feeding Products We Love, Establishing Your Milk Supply, and Guide to Feeding in the First Days. Texting access last through 3 weeks postpartum!

The Complete Feeding Package

ShowMe Therapy with @Kyla.and.Courtney


Complete lactation & feeding support from infant feeding therapists who are dual certified in lactation counseling. Beginning with a virtual coaching session, you'll get the exact amount of prenatal education you actually need. You also get total access to the experts in the form of unlimited text replies, one virtual session once baby is here, and access to all our handouts..

Lactation Education and Support from an IBCLC & Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

The Mama Coach - Brittany Edwards

Atlanta, GA

IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL: I am not here to tell you how to feed your baby - I am here to guide you! Starting with a detailed intake form & a thorough assessment, leading to education & support to help you achieve your feeding goals & overcome challenges while provided customized and consistent support. My goal is to help take the stress out of feeding your baby! I love taking my training & anticipatory guidance to the next level to empower families.

Breastfeeding Medicine/Lactation Consult in Illinois

In Touch Pediatrics and Lactation, PLLC

Westchester, IL

As a Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine-trained physician, Dr. Rubin can provide physician-level lactation care when needed (help with complex lactation problems or situations), as well as routine lactation guidance and support. She can do these visits in-person (in your home or in a borrowed medical space) or virtually, depending on location and patient preference. Patients must be located in the state of Illinois at the time of service.

Breastfeeding Support

Mama Bird, LLC

Cleveland, OH

All visits are 90min which include supporting the family with breastfeeding support, mother infant sleep, feeding concerns

Certified Lactation Counseling & Infant Feeding Support Services

Las Cruces Doula

Las Cruces, NM

This service consists of one, 2-hour long appointment in person or virtually, at your preference or based on your location. A questionnaire will be provided in advance to help create a loose agenda for our time together. Services provided and resources shared will be aligned with the unique needs of you and your family.

Certified Lactation Counselor

Your Body Your Birth Doula & Childbirth Education Services

Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States

A Lactation Consultation includes: -A visit in the privacy of your home that lasts up to 2 hours -Discussion of your baby’s birth and feeding history, including what you’ve tried and what has and has not worked for you -Explanation of what makes a good latch and how to gently break a bad latch so that you can try again -Observation of a feeding session to practice proper technique -A chance to get answers to all of your questions!

Lactation Support

Be Her Village


Want to breastfeed? Hire a lactation consultant! Lactation care is all about helping you meet your goals with ease. This session will include an in-home visit and a followup phone call to make sure you and your baby are off to a great start. *This is an example listing representing a service that may be available in your community. It is not associated with a local provider.*

Lip/ Tongue Tie Laser Dentistry

Gramercy Kids Smiles

New York, NY

Lip/ Tongue Tie Laser Dentistry to help moms and babies with nursing support!! If your child is having issues with nursing, bottles, feedings, speech having this simple procedure can allow for many benefits to the child !!! With using a laser, there is significantly less pain, minimal bleeding, and most likely sutures are not needed. This allows for fast healing and the benefits are seen almost instantly.

Breastfeeding, Lactation and Pumping Support- English & Spanish

Kassi Reyes LC


Feeding babies is HARD WORK! Hi! I am Kassi. I help parents who are struggling to feed their babies to: -Create a feeding & pumping plan that works for YOU -Optimize your milk supply -Extend your lactation journey -Back to work planning All while creating a sense of peace and leaving you time to bond with your baby. Virtual Visits for Prenatal Sessions, Pumping Consults, Postpartum Services available in English or Spanish

Lactation Counselor

The Milking Machine


Hi, I’m Destiny, a certified lactation counselor! If you're looking for a safe space for your breastfeeding journey, you've come to the right place. I offer 1-on-1 virtual support because no one should have to navigate this journey alone. If you're struggling with breastfeeding, let me elevate your experience by providing you with the tools and confidence you need to reach your goals.

Lactation Appointments

Optimal Nurturing Lactation

Bristol, TN

Two Lactation Appointments: One 1.5 hour virtual prenatal lactation appointment to be used during the third trimester of pregnancy and one 1.5 hour in office (Bristol, TN) or virtual lactation appointment to be used after birth.

Lactation Support


Los Angeles, CA

45 minute Prenatal lactation consultation to get you ready and confident to breastfeed your baby. 45 minute Postpartum consultation to assess milk supply and how baby is eating at breast/bottle.

Lactation Consultation

Patty Villarreal,IBCLC

Visalia, CA

Lactation home visit. During home visits, we will address any specific concerns with breastfeeding. I will provide you with assistance and education on breastfeeding your baby.

Lactation Support

More Than Words | Speech-Feeding-Lactation


Our lactation consultants provide prenatal and postpartum lactation care, prioritizing individualized support tailored to the specific goals of each patient. Our approach revolves around active listening and collaboration, where we take into account the patient's preferences, challenges, and aspirations regarding breastfeeding. In-home/office visits are provided in and around Phoenix, Arizona. Virtual lactation services are available nationwide.

Lactation Support

Wisco Lactation

Sun Prairie, WI

Lactation care is a human right. At Wisco Lactation, we feel that babies deserve human milk and their parents deserve support in giving it to them. Studies show that breastfeeding outcomes are improved when the proper supports are in place. We offer home, office and virtual visits in Milwaukee, Madison and Kenosha, WI.

Occupational Therapist and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant

Nurturing LIFT, LLC

Farmingdale, NY

I specialize in lactation & infant feeding therapy as I work with the parent-baby dyad. As an Allied healthcare professional, I provide in-person visits in homes or at my office located in The Nesting Place (currently have Monday & Thurs offce hours). My services include lactation-only (i.e. pumping), infant feeding only (i.e. oral motor therapy to optimize Bodyfeeding/bottlefeeding), or both parent and baby. Prenatal preparation also included.

Lactation Package (Twin Cities, MN)

The Reclaimed Village

Minneapolis, MN

Just like birth, your breastfeeding or chestfeeding journey should start with education. It is about more than just latching your baby, that is why it's called lactation support. There is two people in the feeding relationship and both people have their unique anatomies and personalities. Ultimately, lactation support is about creating a collaborative care team to foster your feeding relationship so you can reach your goals.

In-Home Lactation Visit (Twin Cities, MN)

The Reclaimed Village

Minneapolis, MN

If your baby is already here and you are in the thick of figuring out your feeding relationship, this visit with one of our team's lactation counselors will provide you with troubleshooting and a plan moving forward.

Lactation Consultation, Infant Feeding

Leigh Anne O'Connor, IBCLC, LCCE


In person and virtual breastfeeding support, includes bottle feeding, weaning, introducing solids, low milk supply, tongue tie, prenatal and more. I have over two decades of experience supporting families in getting their babies fed. Fees begin at $300 up to $425

Tactical Pumping Support



For pumping parents, I help you prep for everything from heading to the hospital and establishing a supply, to teaching your partner how to help, to talking to your boss upon returning to work. 1 x 30-minute session: $50 3 x 30-minute sessions: $125

Lactation Support

Scarborough Lactation

Trippstadt, Rhineland-Palatinate

Feeding Support Consultation: This support session is for when things aren't going as planned. Whether it is a painful latch, milk supply, possible tongue tie, reflux, returning to work, or weaning, I am here to support. We will go over history, do a visual assessment to help solve your feeding challenges.

Breastfeeding Class with Kelly Emery, RN, IBCLC

Gold Coast Doulas


Breastfeeding: Getting a Strong Start $85 A comprehensive course with Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Kelly Wysocki-Emery. Perfect for expectant parents who plan to breastfeed. Designed for singles or couples, we will cover all your questions about breastfeeding, leaving you more confident than when you came. This recorded class offers a 15-minute call to answer questions.

Advanced Breastfeeding Support of Las Vegas | In Person & Virtual

Advanced Breastfeeding Support of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

At Advanced Breastfeeding Support, we play an important role as a member of the healthcare team. We work with many members of the community. Depending on what is going on with your specific situation, we communicate with the people who are helping you and your baby (within the legal specifications of HIPPA). We adapt our suggestions, interventions and referrals according to the needs and medical beliefs of each individual client.

Lactation Support and Education

Cassandra Brickey Lactation Services

Scott County, Virginia, United States

Providing evidence-based lactation support and education. Each client will receive a care plan tailored to their individual goals. All types of feeding supported!

Find local breast milk donors!

Share the Drop


Share the Drop matches breast milk donors to recipients while helping families build a network of supply & support. Donate breast milk or find a breast milk donor. Search by distance to donate breast milk or find breast milk donors near you. Filter by specific criteria such as allergies, food sensitivities, lifestyle, etc. Match with families that have similar aged infants. Make the Drop by meeting your breast milk share match in person

Pump Flange Fitting

Jenni Johnson Breast Bottle and Beyond LLC

Green Bay, WI

The right fit matters Demonstration and use of your pump Fitting of flanges by a trained lactation consultant Try different types and sizes of flanges Tips and tricks for storage, feeding, and maintaining milk supply. Personalized feeding plan 2 weeks of messaging support

Lactation Counseling Package

A Well Knit Womb

Indiana, United States

- In-home 90 minutes breastfeeding assessment including but not limited to: Prop latch assessment Pain management Assistance in creating a pumping schedule and planning for a return to work Education on breast anatomy and milk supply - 30-minute follow-up Zoom or phone call - 3 phone calls to be used at any point during your feeding/weaning journey This service is designed to support long-term breastfeeding success!

Lactation Consultant, IBCLC

Lactation Services of Southington


We provide compassionate full service lactation consultations virtually as well as in person at Compass Wellness Center. We provide: Prenatal consultations Lactation Consultation Back to Work Consults Starting Solids Consults Bottle Feeding Consults Weaning Consults We provide hospital grade breast pump rentals in the CT area We provide a free breastfeeding and new mom support group called The Village

Lactation Support

Wisco Lactation


Lactation care is a human right. At Wisco Lactation, we feel that babies deserve human milk and their parents deserve support in giving it to them. Studies show that breastfeeding outcomes are improved when the proper supports are in place. We offer home, office and virtual visits in Milwaukee, WI, Kenosha, WI and Madison, WI.

Lactation Counseling

Concept Pelvic Health

Keller, TX

Concept Pelvic Health strives to serve women and their frustrations throughout their life cycle and to further that mission, we offer lactation counseling and mastitis care. As one of the few providers who have the knowledge and equipment needed to treat mastitis, you can rest assured that you are in quality hands. Our certified lactation counselor is skilled in treating all aspects of lactation including: breastfeeding struggles, all aspects of

Infant and Toddler Feeding and Lactation Support

Whole Practice Feeding Therapy

Cleveland, OH

Whole Practice Feeding Therapy offers in home therapies for infants and toddlers from bottle and breastfeeding all the way to transition to table foods. The mission of Whole Practice is to provide guidance and intervention to optimize feeding success in infancy and early toddlerhood in the home setting. Therapy can also be utilized to target body work and oral motor skills in anticipation of pre and post tongue tie release.

Lactation Support

Be Her Village


In this 3 hour in-home visit we will assess baby for latch, tongue tie, and transfer of milk. We help new moms get the support they need. *This is an example listing representing a service that may be available in your community. It is not associated with a local provider.*

Postpartum Doula and Lactation Services

Nourished Families


As a certified lactation counselor and a certified postpartum doula my goal is to be able to work together provide fact based evidence so that baby, birthing parent, and supporting parent all feel heard, understood, and fully cared for without judgment. All families rhythms are different, it is so important to find out how yours feels best to you in this new season of life. Together we will do just that!

Lactation & Sleep Support

Supported Sleep

Ann Arbor, MI

Hello! I'm an infant/family sleep specialist and CLC. I provide support to families and caregivers around biological infant sleep, as well as breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and pumping. My approach is holistic, and aims to educate about what is biologically normal for babies, help troubleshoot/refer out for possible medical issues affecting sleep/feeding, and support caregivers in optimizing their own rest and well-being.

Certified Lactation Counselor

Juliana Marie, ND, RN, CLC


Virtual lactation support. 1 hr sessions, 30 minute quick question/support for established clients. Support in establishing breastfeeding goals, latch and positioning, milk supply concerns, and nutritional support.

Lactation Consultant

Becky Drevets, IBCLC

Oklahoma City, OK

This visit usually lasts anywhere from one and a half to two hours and includes a thorough history, an observation and assessment of a nursing session, a weight check, a customized care plan, a report to your health care provider(s), and continued support access via email for two weeks following your appointment.

Breastfeeding Support

Hey Mama Lactation and Perinatal Care


Prenatal consult: 1- 60 minute virtual consult Initial consult: 1- 60/90 minute virtual consult

Lactation Support

Be Her Village


Want to breastfeed? Hire a lactation consultant! Lactation care is all about helping you meet your goals with ease. This session will include an in-home visit and a followup phone call to make sure you and your baby are off to a great start. *This is an example listing representing a service that may be available in your community. It is not associated with a local provider.*

Lactation Support

Be Her Village


In this 3 hour in-home visit we will assess baby for latch, tongue tie, and transfer of milk. We help new moms get the support they need. *This is an example listing representing a service that may be available in your community. It is not associated with a local provider.*


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