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Hi! Which one are you today? A parent, an employee, a nurse, housecleaner, repair person, a spouse? I often flipped my "hats" on and off so many times a day I got a headache! Now, years of professional experience with marriages and families, 4 grown kids, 11 grandkids, a steady husband let's me offer my knowledge, experience on how to balance parenting with marriage. so that your dreams, and desires come true! Keep your marriage strong forever, while you parent kiddos together! I'll hela


Q: What drew you into working with parents-to-be?

A: My love for moms, dads and babies. And our own struggle to find the way to keep a somewhat sane balance for our marriage and the high demands of parenting littles.

Q: What are your certifications and trainings?

A: For 38+ years I have enjoyed being a Marriage and Family Therapist . Couples and kiddos benefited from my practical and personal approaches for keeping their marriage real and their parenting connections crazy good, and calm. Effective and efficient are often important for parenting well together and staying married forever!

Q: What's your top piece of advice for an expectant mom?

A: Hi Mom! MY advice is to sincerely create a plan for maintaining your love-connection with your spouse. The stronger your marriage connection is, the more steady your parenting will be. Talk through parenting approaches and genuinely agree to try one or two. . Switch things around when what is happening is not working. Call me if you are stuck:)

Q: How do you answer the question: "I want your support but my partner feels like they'll be replaced"?

A: Your partner's worries are not uncommon. Babies take a lot of mental and emotional space that often has someone feeling bewildered and lonely. It is not wise to have this loneliness linger. I will help you both reconnect with each other as our conversations will focus on keeping your love-energy vibrant, even when the sleep report is miserable!

Q: What's your favorite past client story?

A: This couple was having their 3rd child - in less that 5 years. The weariness of work, finances, in-laws and home upkeep was too much. They worked the DNA Way modules as a way to start connecting and talking about something other than struggles. Care and compassion helped creative (vs crabby) conversations grow. Health and hope returned!

The DNA Way to Communicate will uplevel your family DNA today!

Maternal Mental Health


DNA Way to Communicate Program keeps you connected as parents and as a couple.
Same goals, same language for adult and kiddo conversations.
* 10 Implementation Coaching Calls - 60 min.
* 8 Key communication videos
* Tools and worksheets
* 4.5 Month program of skills development with a professional therapist/coach. Be the kind of partner and parent you want to be and stay married forever while you parent kiddos together!

Pricing Description

$1997 includes:
* 10 Coaching connections to personalize each video-module for your marriage and parenting situations.
* 8 video modules - each teaching a connection and communication skill, including 3 modules for moving from conflict to calm.
* Each module as a workbook, and a LEP Packet for practicing the skill together.
*All modules teach the skill for use with adults, and with kiddos.

FUN Focus Videos - for quick uplevel on your communication with kiddos or even your partner!

Newborn Care Classes


Quick-tip videos make life more FUN! In less than 10 minutes, get a quick refresher on how to speak more clearly, or listen more accurately, or keep the connection more calm. Each video quickly gets to the point of the communication skill so you can quickly get back to the situation at hand!

Pricing Description

Purchase a group of all 8 videos for $99 - or just one at a time.
Of course, lifetime access is included because we all know that is a good idea!

Marriage and parenting fun: Coaching for calm and connecting!

Newborn Care Classes


Don't let despair, depression and disconnection sneak into your delightful family! Our professional coaching (with experienced marriage and family therapist, Jan Talen) will steady your parenting and/or your marriage space. Be sure that you are parenting together while you enjoy your marriage forever! Talk soon!

Pricing Description

FUN Coaching Calls:
* 55 min/call: $120/conversation
* 3 Coaching Calls: $324
These are FUN conversations because in them you will find ways for life to be more F: Fulfilling, U:Unlimited in conversations and connections, and N: Naturally (or more easily) good!
Let's talk soon!

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