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Lactation Education and Support from an IBCLC & Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Lactation Support


IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL: I am not here to tell you how to feed your baby - I am here to guide you! Starting with a detailed intake form & a thorough assessment, leading to education & support to help you achieve your feeding goals & overcome challenges while provided customized and consistent support. My goal is to help take the stress out of feeding your baby! I love taking my training & anticipatory guidance to the next level to empower families.

Pricing Description

Variety of IN-HOME, IN-OFFICE & VIRTUAL options ~ pricing depends on location and service/packages.
**May be covered through insurance as well ~ and all services are FSA/HSA eligible. Reach out to find out more!
~ Prenatal Consultations & Prepping for Breastfeeding Workshops,
~ Postpartum & Ongoing Lactation Consults
~ Pumping, Bottle Feeding & Combo Feeding
~ Weaning & Starting Solids
~ Tethered Oral Tissues
~ Bottle Refusal
& More

Education, Prep & Support from a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner & IBCLC

Parent Coaching


VIRTUAL & IN-PERSON: Offering Prenatal Education, Postpartum Prep & Support, Newborn Education, Lactation, Breast/Pump/Bottle/Formula Feeding Support, Starting Solids, First Aid/CPR/Choking Classes, Organizational assistance and more from a healthcare professional (16+ years as a Nurse & Pediatric NP) trained to use nursing assessment skills to evaluate each child/family individually, resulting in comprehensive personalized plans.

Pricing Description

In-home visits and virtually, pricing varies based on services and packaging:

Prenatal & Newborn Packages from $150+
Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes, Antenatal Hand Expression, Pumping/Bottle Feeding & Starting Solids from $35+
Postpartum Support starting at $60+
CPR/AED/Choking Classes from $50+ (Private In Home also)
Lactation Consults, Assessments and Feeding Support from $75+

CPR, AED & Choking Education by Pediatric Nurse Practitioner & AHA CPR Instructor

Parent Coaching


IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL: I operate under motto MORE PREPARED = LESS WORRY! Being adequately trained & equipped to respond in the case of emergency can do just that! I love to take my training & anticipatory guidance to the next level to empower families, resulting in my clients feeling more confident at any stage, but especially as they welcome a new baby into their lives or are starting the exciting, yet often scary, milestone of starting solids.

Pricing Description

I offer a variety of educational opportunities in person via private in-home sessions, group classes as well as virtually nationwide:

Virtual CPR, AED & Choking Workshop (Adult, Child & Infant): $35+
Group CPR, AED & Choking Workshop (Adult, Child & Infant): $45+

* Can be combined with my other services and I am always happy to discuss packages for discount!
HINT: Pair it with a Starting Solids Session!

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