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I’m Jackie Cook, founder of Popins, where we support busy professionals who are growing their families. Prior to starting Popins, I led implementation & customer support within the healthcare IT space for over 15 years. I’m a wife, mom of 2, lover of checklists & chocolate croissants, and reformed hater of the phrase “what’s for dinner?” Welcoming a baby is a life changing event, and I LOVE helping expecting parents prepare for tricky transitions to meet their goals.


Q: What drew you into working with parents-to-be?

A: My 1st baby was born in the Netherlands, and my 2nd in the US. There was such an extreme difference in the postpartum support provided! I'm on a mission to help parents-to-be get the support they deserve to be able to thrive as they grow their families.

Q: What are your certifications and trainings?

A: I'm a certified Gift Registry Expert with BeHerVillage

Q: What's your favorite past client story?

A: I worked with a busy mom-to-be who had a toddler and a big job to guide her maternity leave plans. About 2 weeks before her due date, she told me that after going through my course and following the materials, she was bored at work for the first time in years! I loved that she had that time before baby to take breath and not worry about work.

Baby Gift Registry Consultation

Gift Registry Consults


With Popins Baby Gift Registry Consult, you save time & stress less by meeting the local support team you need to meet your parenting goals, so you can focus on a healthy recovery and your newborn. We'll help you avoid returns with a personalized list of products based on your lifestyle & parenting goals.
*Popins is a certified BHV Gift Registry Expert

Pricing Description

Save time & Stress less - Popins Baby Gift Registry Consult removes the guesswork for just $129.

Professional Preparation & Support

Newborn Care Classes


You are a career-driven woman who has put energy, love, and commitment into growing your career, and want to honor and protect that investment. You are worried about how your colleagues and clients will manage while you’re on leave. You plan to return to work after baby AND want to be present with your new baby while on your family leave. Popins is here to prepare and support you through these big transtions.

Pricing Description

Packages range from $129-$1199. Learn more at https://www.popinsfam.com/howitworks

Grandma Camp

Newborn Care Classes


For supporting family & friends wanting to help when baby arrives. You'll experience:
1 hour virtual session covers tips for aligning expectations, current recommendations for Birth Mama recovery and Baby Care + Ability to dive deep into most relevant topics on your time, through our expert recorded videos, notes, and downloadable resources on the My Popins portal.
More info at: https://www.popinsfam.com/howitworks

Pricing Description

$129 buys you your ticket to Grandma Camp (for yourself or as a gift)

Community Connection - Your Personalized Postpartum Plan

Newborn Care Classes


Many parents focus their prenatal planning on the birth and the baby stuff, and don't consider what they will need postpartum. Popins Community Connection removes the guesswork. You save time & stress less by meeting local experts to support your baby care, breastfeeding, and birth recovery goals.
The support team you need, so you can focus on a healthy recovery and your newborn.
Learn more: https://www.popinsfam.com/howitworks

Pricing Description

For $129, we'll form your personalized postnatal Dream Team, connecting you with expert resources available when & where you need them.

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