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If your Pelvic Floor is in need, Iā€™m your Pelvic Floor Pro indeed! All rhymes aside, as a Pelvic Floor and Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Doctor of Physical Therapy, I help people during this stage of life learn how to take care of their body and work with it so they can have an optimal experience and feel empowered during their parenthood journey. Becoming a Birth Doula gave me a unique combo of skills and knowledge that help my clients feel so supported and prepared to meet any birth challenge.


Q: What are your certifications and trainings?

A: Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT, 2015 Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Specialist PT (CAPP-OB), 2017 BEST Birth Doula, 2021 Gentle Birth Birth Educator, 2023 Orgasmic Birth Practitioner, 2023 Integrative Dry Needling Specialist, 2023 Reiki Master, 2023

Q: What's your favorite past client story?

A: I had a first time mom coming to me for Pelvic PT and birth education. She came back after birth to tell me that all her nurses were SO IMPRESSED with her and asking her how she knew what exactly to do during her birth. She told me after our work together, she gained the info and confidence she needed and felt like a "Goddess" during her birth.

Q: What locations or areas do you serve?

A: I serve clients across the US and internationally for my virtual Birth Coaching and Pelvic Floor Coaching Programs. For in person visits, I serve clients in the Northern NJ and Rockland County NY regions in my Woodcliff Lake NJ office or within mobile in-home sessions. My doula regions include Bergen (NJ), Rockland and Westchester NY Counties.

Q: How do you answer the question: "I want your support but my partner feels like they'll be replaced"?

A: Your partner is irreplaceable. Your bond with your partner is one of the most powerful pieces of your birth experience and learning how your partner can best support you during this process is key to the entire experience. I help you and your partner figure out what works best for your teamwork, and I'm here to support your partner directly, too!

New Parent Pelvic Floor Support Group

Pelvic Floor Work


Do you want to learn more about your pelvic floor and what you can do to help yourself heal from pregnancy and birth during the fourth trimester? Don't access, time or not sure you need to go visit a Pelvic Floor PT?

Look no further! That is exactly why the New Parent Pelvic Floor Support Group was created!

Every birthing person should have access to quality postpartum pelvic floor care, and this is the perfect place to start your journey!

Pricing Description


šŸ“† Meets for 6 consecutive weeks @ 630pm ET
šŸ•’ 90-Minute Zoom Calls
šŸ¤— Facilitated by Dr. Zazu Cioce DPT, Pelvic Health PT & Birth Doula

Our Support Circle's Structure:
šŸ“š Dive into Weekly Pelvic Floor Content
šŸ—£ļø Group Share - Bring your questions, comments, & concerns
šŸŒø Guided Group Pelvic Practice

Virtual Doula Support

Birth Doulas


Virtual Doula Package includes:
- Two, 1-hour Prenatal Support Visits
- One 1-hour Postpartum Support Visit
- 24/7 On call time for 2 weeks before and after your expected due date
- 10 hours of Virtual (phone and/or video communication) Birth Doula Support
* Free Better Birth Online Childbirth Education app access from signing of contract to Postpartum Visit

Pricing Description


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic Floor Work


In person (Woodcliff Lake NJ) pelvic floor assessment and rehab program based on each person's unique needs and goals.

Pricing Description

Initial Evaluation 90 minutes $200; 4-visit follow up package discount $700.

Virtual Pelvic Floor Rehab

Pelvic Floor Work


From the convenience of your home or office, learn about your pelvic floor function and how to improve it with a thorough assessment and rehab program that is specifically tailored to you. Enjoy having a pelvic floor coach that will progress your program at your pace and hold you accountable to stay committed to your goals.

Pricing Description

Virtual Initial Evaluation 60 minutes $200; Follow Up Visits 60 minutes $150.

Better Birth Online Childbirth Education from a Pelvic PT's Perspective

Childbirth Education


After taking Better Birth, parents will be empowered with real strategies to make their labor smoother, and have the necessary tools to handle moments of change, so that they can confidently create the birth journey that is best for their family. Check out a preview of the curriculum here:

Pricing Description

Subscription Service, $150/monthly access

In Person Doula Support

Birth Doulas


In person Birth Package includes:
- In-person support at your labor and delivery, up to 2 hours after birth
- Two, 1-hour Prenatal Visits,
- One 1-hour Postpartum Visit,
- 24/7 On-call access 2 weeks prior to and after your expected due date,
*Free Access to Better Birth Childbirth Education Online from signing of contract through your postpartum visit

Pricing Description

$2250 flat fee, half due at signing and half due at 37 weeks gestation.

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