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Prenatal/Postpartum Massage


Massage should be an integral part of a pregnant person's journey. The changes that take place in the body during pregnancy can cause minor aches and pains and sometimes even issues like sciatica. The goal of bodywork during pregnancy is to address those areas in a way that helps you to relax and become more attuned to your body and what works to bring you relief and calm. All prenatal and postpartum sessions are 90 minutes.

Pricing Description


Birth Doula Support


Complimentary consult to be sure we're a good fit.
2-3 prenatal meetings (2hrs each).
Post doctor appointment debrief calls.
One, 90 minute prenatal massage.
Birth preference and postpartum planning. 24/7 text, call, email available.
On call 37-42 wks.
Family updates via text during labor.
Arrive at birth when you need and stay up to 2 hours after.
Two postpartum meetings.

Pricing Description



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