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Evidence Based Birth® 6-Week Series

Birth Classes


6-week VIRTUAL classes where we meet as a group for 1-2 hours.

By taking the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class, you and your partner will not only learn the evidence for your birth options in an online, but you’ll also get to meet in-person with an experienced instructor & midwife along with other parents in the Chicago area who are going through pregnancy and birth just

Pricing Description

$350 for this virtual 6-week series

Spinning Babies® Group or Private Workshops

Birth Classes


In this 3 Hour LIVE ONLINE Workshop:
Basic anatomy of the pelvis and how it affects birth
Belly Mapping: To discover your baby’s position and increase baby-parent bonding
Daily Essential activities to give you greater ease in pregnancy and help give your baby space to move and settle into a great birth position
The Three Sisters of Balance: Help the birthing muscles and ligaments prepare for birth
Positions and comfort measures to us

Pricing Description

$75 for private in-person or virtual consult
$97 for Group 3-hour Virtual Parent Workshop


Birth Classes


We offer a number of live workshops and childbirth education programs, which include:
* Hypnobabies® 6-week Series

Not only a comprehensive childbirth education program, but one in which families will also learn self-hypnosis and advocacy, in addition to creating confidence and having powerful tools for anxious thoughts.

Pricing Description

Workshops range from $350

Postpartum Doula Support

Postpartum Doulas


Our carefully vetted, trained and professional doulas gently attune to your family's unique needs, maintain privacy, support your recovery, enhance your family's transition and are happy to help in any way. We offer flexible short-term and long-term contracts to meet your needs.
Our postpartum doulas are extra in-home (or in-hospital) assistance with caring hands, provide breastfeeding & bottle-feeding support and education

Pricing Description

Fees range from $30-$45 per hour, options of daytime and overnight care

Birth Doula Support

Birth Doulas


*6 wk childbirth education workshops (Evidence Based Birth / Hypnobabies)
*Unlimited private zooms to connect
*Weekly Group Connection Calls where all our clients are invited to share, meet, and support
*Prenatal visit
*Postpartum Visit
*Unlimited Birth Support on baby day! Including at home & birth location support
*Lactation support

Pricing Description

312Doulas Birth Bundle of Support ranges from $1,200 - $2,500
*FREE Online Breastfeeding Course
*FREE [M]otherboard Birthing planning Tool & App
*FREE 312Doula Bonus Members Space & App

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