You Can Still Crochet The Blanket

But Please Contribute To The Doula

Written by: Lauren Sullivan
Posted: December 21, 2022

If you’re reading this, your daughter, niece, granddaughter, or friend has happily announced their pregnancy perhaps with balloons, glitter, and cake.

And as the weeks have passed by, you’ve patiently (or not so patiently!) awaited the baby shower date with a link to their registry at one of the notable big-box stores.  Depending on how close you are to the mama to be, you may already have some generous items in mind: the stroller that converts in a zillion different ways, a glitzy baby food maker, or a slew of luxury clothing brand onesies, booties, and adorable knit caps.  
First, let me say- thank you! Thank you for loving on this woman in your life and wanting to take out your wallet to show your love. We all know how expensive having a child is, so whatever you dreamed of purchasing? It would have been received with deep gratitude.  I can guarantee it.  But… you’re here! And this certainly doesn’t feel familiar.  
Rather than bottles, crib sheets, and car seat accessories, you have found yourself scrolling through lactation support, doula care, and pelvic floor specialists. 
What in the heck is going on?!

Well, here it is. I’ll give it to you straight. If that expectant woman you love sent you here, she has done her research.

She’s read all the articles, talked to her closest friends, or perhaps this isn’t her first rodeo and she’s already experienced childbirth and newborn parenting– she’s been there. She knows. And all of this learning led her to the (WHO- backed) conclusion that what she needs most isn’t stuff; she needs support.  Maybe she’s registered for a doula who will help educate and mentor her (and her partner) as she gets nearer to birth and then when she’s in labor, well, that doula will be her lifeline, her avenue toward making sure she has a birth as near as possible to her intentions. Perhaps she’s registered for a lactation consultant who will provide encouragement, wisdom, and very practical help in those early days when breastfeeding can seem anything but “natural.”  Or, she knows that the requisite six- week OB appointment where a quick check up will declare her back to “normal” or not, isn’t nearly as thorough as what a pelvic floor specialist can diagnose and treat.  
So, yes, this feels…odd. Afterall, you won’t be able to wrap up your monetary contribution to her postpartum doula the same way you could a bottle warmer.  But know that what you are giving her is so much more than that– you are telling her you see her, hear her, and you care immensely about her emotional and physical health as she embarks on this incredible journey. 

But also know this: you can- and should!- still crochet that baby blue blanket with a ribbon edge, or grab that cute newborn outfit at Target. 

She will love those things, too.  And, because of your purchase at BeHerVillage, she’ll likely be more able to enjoy those fun and precious items because she’ll be supported and taken care of, too. 
So, welcome to the revolution– you rock!


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