Why You Should Add Baby Name Consulting to Your Registry

Erin Aagesen of Pearl and Lark, a baby naming service joins us on the BeHerVillage blog to talk about why parents might want to use a baby naming service.

Written by: Erin Aagesen
Posted: July 27, 2022
When you are expecting a baby, the list of things to research can feel endless: childcare, safe sleep, car seat safety, feeding, and more. Do you wish you had more time for the things that matter to you? You can, with the help of a baby name consultant.

A baby name consultant is an individual with expertise on the topic of baby names—and the process of selecting one.

Baby name consultants have knowledge of name origins, meanings and trends, as well asfacilitation, research and problem-solving skills. A qualified name consultant will consider style, language, history, culture, popularity and more to find names that match your unique family. In the end, you will select from a short list of names that fit your values and preferences, saving you hours of time and stress. Think of it like buying a car. If you walk into a car dealership, you’ll encounter an expert who points out the different features of each car. The expert will help you consider how the vehicle will work for you long term. But in the end, you decide which car you drive out with. Baby name consulting works the same way. 
The final choice is always yours; but the consultant helps narrow your options and consider them from different angles. If you and your partner have different backgrounds or name styles, a consultant can also help you find names that bridge your differences.

As a result, you’ll recover hours of time and reduce stress – while giving your child a beautiful gift that will last a lifetime.
What will you do with that extra time and peace of mind?
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Erin Aagesen is the Director of Pearl & Lark, a baby name service based in Madison, Wis. that will help you find a baby name you’ll both love. With expert support, you will save time, find common ground and rest easy. Learn more at www.pearlandlark.com.

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