Prenatal Yoga- More Than Flexible Hips

Written by: Jess Duffy, Inspired Yoga Plus. Certified Prenatal Yoga and Hypnobirthing Instructor
Posted: June 17, 2020
You’re here, Momma. You’ve lived your story of getting pregnant. And now you’ve got this beautiful being (or beings) growing inside of you! This is an opportunity to assess your diet, fitness, and mental health routines and habits. You are already a Mother and caring for this sweet babe (or babes). 

Know that if you have been an avid runner, hiker, skier, etc., that those activities are perfectly healthy for you to continue for as long as you are comfortable doing so. 

You may find that as your pregnancy progresses, you need to cut back on the intensity of your exercise routine. Be sure to discuss your exercises with your healthcare provider, as well.

Some excellent activities during pregnancy are walking, swimming, and prenatal yoga. Granted, if you’re already practicing yoga, perhaps you and your instructor feel confident in making modifications for the pregnant body. If so- awesome! 

There are many benefits to joining a Prenatal Yoga class, specifically. These classes can offer a gentle flow of yoga that is low pressure and encouraging of you to get in tune with your growing body and explore how perfectly moveable and mobile it still is! The poses, flow, and instruction are appropriate for all experience levels- Prenatal Yoga is many women’s first experience with yoga. And if you’re a seasoned practitioner, then you may really appreciate the community and connection that this special class can provide the space for.

Every week (or maybe more!), you’re meeting with women in the same special phase of life as you are- sharing experiences, challenges, milestones, and asking questions. This class can be eye-opening. I know it was for me!

Yoga is never just about physical postures. It’s about coming into your breath. Getting familiar with your body. Learning that it is okay to adjust. And readjust. And make it yours! 

Yes, you thankfully get to stretch out your body, create space for baby, and release any tension. You also learn breathing techniques- An essential tool to have in your toolbox when it comes time to birth baby (or babies)! You’ll also experience the opportunity to rest your mind and your body. Let the stress of the day go and absorb whichever positive affirmations or guided meditations, resonate with you. 

I see you, Momma. You’re doing a beautiful job. Namaste.

 1. Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth The Boston Women’s Health Book Collective

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