Overcoming Fear For A Better Birth

Written by: Tiffany Holmes, CD, LC, CBE
Posted: October 17, 2023
As women prepare for birth, so many of them approach their due date with both excitement and a lingering sense of fear. For some, the fear is great and all-encompassing and for some the fear is fleeting.
Did you know when fear is present in the body during birth it creates a fear-tension-pain cycle that makes labor even harder?

Tiffany Holmes, AKA Your Birth Bestie has written a blog all about this topic, with practical and useful solutions to help minimize the fear going into birth.
Check out her article here!

To learn more from Tiffany, head to her website: BirthDoulaBestie.com
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Get in touch with her via email: tiffany@birthdoulabestie.com
And find her on IG right here!

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