How to Meet Your Core Postpartum Needs With an App

Written by: Mothership Rising
Posted: September 01, 2022

In the fourth trimester, our core needs for love, self-worth, safety, freedom and to be understood are challenged.

Expanding community care to support new parents in the emotionally tense fourth trimester can help meet these challenges and provide a network of support for new parents to lean on. 

Mothership Rising was created to:

  • Build community around new parents by directly connecting them to their trusted support network
  • Ease the transition in the postpartum period by allowing their community to organize meaningful support for parents via the parent’s support wishlist
  • Provide daily positive affirmation to parents through a daily check-in
  • Relieve the pressure from parents to request support and provide parents a concrete way to set boundaries
  • Be a trusted place where a parent can access information on everything from how-to’s for baby to maternal emotional well-being in our library
We believe every new mom has the right to access a trusted support network - their own nurturing circle - to carry them through this emotionally heavy time. The first few months with a new child are magical, but they’re also full of questions, self-doubt, and a 24-7 output of energy caring for a newborn. We know from experience that moms in the first few months with a new baby need a lot of practical and emotional support. Our app was created by mothers, for mothers, because we know how isolating the first few months with a new baby can be, and just how little time parents have to organize support for themselves. 

That’s why we created Mothership Rising, an app that directly connects parents to their trusted support network.

We bring your circle to you, literally in the palm of your hand. Our app is used by doulas, parents and caregivers, friends and even midwives who host circles for their clients and loved ones, connecting all the people in the new parent’s trusted network in one place. It allows your friends and family to organize support in the ways you need it most. Parents can personalize their circle, share the kinds of support they need, and set boundaries for what they don’t. And circle members can sign up to manage a parent’s support tasks and to be their emotional contact for the day. With a support circle, the responsibility for checking-in is on the circle members, never on the parent. 

The work of caring for a new child requires a well of deep energy reserves.

These can be depleted quickly, as lack of sleep and the repetitive routine of sleep, feed, change can be draining. And the hormone shifts after pregnancy can cause emotional ups and downs too. We are acutely aware of how this dynamic can make a new parent feel emotionally stretched and isolated. Mothership Rising’s core value is to make sure new parents never have to feel alone. Our app will send a daily text to the parent with an uplifting message, which will connect the parent and the circle member who’s signed up to emotionally support the parent for that day. Just a brief check-in is sometimes exactly what a parent needs to feel seen, or to start a conversation about how they’re feeling or what they need. 

If you want to provide practical support like walk their dog, drop off a meal, offer childcare for older children, or send over something to pamper mom, you can organize that through our app too.

The Mothership Rising Library also has a wealth of resources for parents from how to baby-wear to what postpartum anxiety can look like. And sometimes parents may need more acute emotional or mental health support, and they can find out how to reach out to professionals on our Resources page. 
At Mothership Rising, we’re aiming to connect every parent we can with their trusted circle. Like a meal train for emotional support, our goal is simple; to relieve emotional isolation for new parents. We know it takes a village to raise a child, but we believe it takes a village to support a mom too. 
If you haven’t already, you can download our app on the Appstore and Google Play. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with how Mothership Rising can support you or the new mom in your life.

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