Kids Don't Come With a Manual

Written by: Erika Stroh, MA
Posted: November 10, 2020

Q: Why does someone seek out a parent coach? 

A: Most people enter into parenthood feeling excited and stressed, uncertain and anxious. It's quite normal and common to have conflicting emotions during this life changing experience. Yet, we're not mandated to take classes or learn how to properly prepare for this adventure in parenting. 
Since babies do not come with a manual, new parents are oftentimes left feeling alone and overwhelmed with everyday life and child rearing decisions. 
However, it's most meaningful and beneficial for new moms/dads to learn to trust their own instincts as they become more attuned to the needs of their children. Of course, this happens gradually over time and requires presence, practice, patience and persistence. 
My role, as an objective and insightful trained professional, is to offer personalized support and guidance, feedback and encouragement. I work well with parents who are open to personal development and are eager to learn. They wish to understand how to provide a secure and stable, nurturing and loving home environment for their growing children. 
The underlying theme always revolves around assisting parents at any stage, in building a healthy relationship and strong foundation for the whole family to thrive!

Q: Is this only for parents who are struggling or for anybody looking to revamp their approach? 

A: I definitely encourage parents who are struggling to seek support, at any point. However, the more proactive we are the more prepared we'll be to meet inevitable challenges in parenting. It's absolutely never too late to change and take steps to revise your approach to parenting. 
Actually, it's a great lesson for kids to witness and learn alongside their parents. To recognize that things are not going well at home or within family dynamics, then choosing to seek help, is commendable while modeling positive qualities for kids of all ages. 

I'd love to see more new and expecting parents reap the benefits of exploring their aspirations and approach to parenting as early on as possible. 

Many of the beliefs and behaviors related to raising children are rooted in our past and the ways in which we were brought up. This tends to be an area of conflict and distress with most couples. Learning how to support your partner and cooperate as parents can be complicated and difficult. This is an area of family life that can become problematic and have negative consequences for the well-being of the children, in addition to the marriage. 
Times have changed and information has evolved in fields like education, psychology, neuroscience and child development. Therefore, it's imperative that we, as parents and caregivers, are knowledgeable and skilled in the most positive and effective ways to raise healthy children. We must be aware of our role and responsibility as modern day parents, influencers and leaders!

Q: Is there an ideal age of a child where parents should start looking for a parent coach?

A: As I mentioned, the earlier the better. Why not choose to explore and learn sooner than later the best practices for raising healthy well adjusted children? 
Either way, I'd always encourage parents, whether raising toddlers or teens, to dedicate time to focus on the impact they're having on their children. To reflect on what is going well, while seeking to improve in other important areas such as communication and listening skills, discipline and emotional intelligence, to name a few. 

Q: What (if any) themes do you see with people coming in to see you for help?

A: Common challenges may include: helping their kids recognize/regulate emotions, manage anxiety and anger, decode/understand how to respond to their child's challenging behaviors, sibling dynamics, lack of consistency in approach to parenting and/or support/cooperation from partner,  leading to distress in marriage, also and importantly, negatively affects the mental health of kids and functionality of home environment. 

Q: Are your sessions conducted in person or virtually? 

A: Both options are available. I offer sessions for individuals, couples and families.

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