How To Take Your Own Fresh 48 Photos

Written by: Bia Matias Brand
Posted: June 09, 2021
It's amazing to have a professional photographer take your Fresh 48 photographs after you've welcomed your little one into the world, but if you're unable to have a photographer in the room with you and your family, you can still have these wonderful memories captured with just the camera on your phone.

Here's how to take your own "fresh 48" photos


1. Find The Best Light

This is the most important step. Use the window light. Turn off the flash on your camera. Position the subject right by the window. Roll the crib right under the window. If there is direct sunlight streaming in, place the subject just out of the direct light so that the sun isn’t shining directly on them or pull the curtain or blind a bit to diffuse and create a softer light. 
Don't take pictures at night. iPhone and cell phones in general don't have good low light capabilities so always look for day light.
Don't take pictures of your subject with a window light coming right from behind it. Your photos will look dark. Place your subject facing the window or sideways. 

2. Remove Background Distractions 

Remove the clutter from the room or the area you are shooting before you take your photos. This will make a huge difference in your images. I consider clutter: plastic bottles, garbage bags, strollers, food of any sort, diaper bags, gift bags etc. I do not consider clutter: Flowers, pillows, blankets, toys (such as crayons, coloring books, dolls). 


3. Consider Your Poses 

Before we get started I believe the ultimate goal of any pose is to provoke an emotion, a feeling to tell a story. The story you're telling is of the first two days of your baby's life!  So I always focus on moments, details which are unique to that moment. 
  •  First Glances: 

Those loving first looks at baby are priceless. When you first meet your baby you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her. Make sure you capture that look, it’s pure magic.
  •  Don't Forget Dad:

When baby is born, Dad is usually the one running around taking all of the photos. Make sure someone takes some images of dad loving on baby too
  • Meeting Siblings:

There’s nothing sweeter than siblings meeting baby for the first time. When all is fresh and new and exciting make sure to capture those first touches and tender moments. Soon enough they’ll be back to their old silly selves fighting for your attention.
  • Tiny Toes: 

Who doesn’t obsess over teeny tiny baby toes? Make sure to photograph them as much as you can. That is, if you can stop kissing them!
  • First Family Photo:

Take a minute and grab your first family photo. Ask the nurse or you can do it yourself by setting up the timer on your phone. Don’t worry if everyone isn’t looking at the camera. The tender and sweet, natural moments are often the most memorable anyway. 
  • Grandparents:  

Make sure to have your camera ready when grandma and grandpa come to first meet the new baby. Don’t forget they are brand new grandparents too and they will treasure these memories forever
  • Details, Details:

The newborn details are so unique. The little tufts of hair, baby’s tiny fist, pouty lips and fingers in her mouth are all details you don’t want to miss. First yawns, funny faces, and stretches are all newborn traits that are so fleeting and will soon be just a memory. Make sure to capture the details in your hospital room too. Get a shot of the name plaque in the bassinet, gifts and flowers that friends and family sent, the hospital swaddle blanket and beanie and even baby’s pacifier. All are details that will soon be forgotten. 

Other moments I look for are:

* Feeding
* Changing or dressing
* Cuddles with siblings
* Bathing


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