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How We Turn You From Gift-Recommender to Gift Registry Expert

Written by: BeHerVillage Team
Posted: February 26, 2023
Have you been considering becoming a Certified Gift Registry Expert? It is not JUST about getting in the room and learning. It is that and so much more! Here is everything that you get when you sign up to become a Certified Gift Registry Expert:

6 Live Class Sessions full of content, discussion, handouts, and time in the room with Lexi Tabor, our resident Baby Product Expert who has co-created this course with us to prepare you with the most current product knowledge you can access. These are all recorded and available for you to engage with on your own schedule.

 • Gift Registry Expert Guide - This comprehensive living document contains all of the questions to guide your Gift Registry Sessions with families, AND you'll work within it during our course to customize it to your community, your practice, and fill it with your research and favorites as you move through each area of expertise. To be honest, this guide alone is worth the price of admission.

 • Goal-Based Support - The questions outlined in our Gift Registry Expert Guide help parents-to-be envision what their goals for their birth, postpartum, infant feeding, sleep, and parenthood might look like. This guide is a stand-alone and should be part of every single birth workers toolbox.

 • Biological Norms Handout- How long do babies sleep? How much should they eat? What is normal? What is this NEW normal? We lay out all the biological norms as a baseline to start your Gift Registry Expert sessions with families.

 • Pumping Bra Matching Sheet - Ever have parents ask you which pumping bra is best? You'll have the answers when you take this course! It really depends on goals, body type, feeding style, and we help you and your clients find their best fit!

 • Cloth Diaper Infographic - Cloth diapering is a monster of a topic. We break it down in this easy-to-use visual sheet that you can leave with your clients. 

 • Product pro/con lists for EVERY topic covered in the course - There are SO many products on the market. We break it down and give you all the insight into how these products actually perform and how they can help your clients. No false promises, no marketing: just the truth.

 • Bonus Sessions pre-recorded with experts on various topics. Have a topic you want to know more about? We'll find someone to share their expertise with us!

 • Special Guests throughout the course - We're always inviting our favorite experts on topics to share live in class and during our office hours!

 • Business and Sales Content - We refuse to offer a certification without also handing you the tools you need to MAKE MONEY. We'll walk you through exactly how to launch your Gift Registry Expert services, how to get your next client, and how to craft offerings that bring in revenue for your birth business!

 • Ongoing education and content - After the course is over we continue sharing reviews, recall information, guides, and more! 

 • Lifetime Certification - No re-certifiying. Simple and easy!

Get the confidence and tools you need to help guide the families in your community towards the products and support that will help them reach their goals. Claim your seat now for our upcoming session in September!

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