6 Things You Can Do With Your Placenta After Birth

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Posted: May 10, 2024
The placenta is an incredible organ that your body grows in order to sustain your baby during pregnancy. After giving birth, many mothers want to honor or use their placenta in a way that is meaningful, symbolic, or nourishing. From encapsulation to keepsake art, there are various things you can do with your placenta after birth, if you want.

A placenta specialist helps prepare, preserve and safely transform your placenta into keepsakes or consumables.

The work of a placenta specialist requires extensive training and knowledge of safe food handling practices to ensure proper processing. Additionally, if a placenta specialist is creating art or other symbolic mementos, they will have practice in using specialized techniques and materials to preserve the placenta's unique shape and structure, ensuring that the final keepsake is beautiful and meaningful. Each placenta professional may specialize in a different modality, but most placenta specialists will be able to provide the following:
  • Encapsulation and processing: Dehydrating the placenta to prepare capsules or tinctures
  • Art and keepsake creation: Making prints, jewelry, or other desired keepsakes
  • Education and consultation: Providing knowledge about placenta practices and their potential benefits


While some people choose not to do anything with their placenta after birth, there are those who are curious about the different ways to use their placenta.



Encapsulation is a popular method of utilizing the placenta after birth. A specialist dehydrates and processes the placenta into small capsules that the mother can consume as a supplement.

Possible benefits*:

  • Energy boost
  • Mood stabilization
  • Increased milk supply
  • Improved postpartum recovery



Some new moms choose to incorporate small fresh pieces of the raw placenta into their fruit smoothies or other blended drinks for a few days after giving birth.


Possible benefits*:


Raw placenta is believed to offer a boost of nutrients which supports the energy levels and aids in postpartum recovery. Your placenta specialist can help you safely prepare small, manageable pieces for immediate use or freezing for later consumption.



Tinctures involve steeping a portion of the placenta in alcohol to create a concentrated extract to be consumed as a supplement.

How it’s used:

Drops of the tincture can be added to juice, water or smoothies as an added supplement that will last longer than capsules. The benefits of these tinctures are similar to those of the placenta capsules or raw consumption.


Placenta Art

A specialist will create a unique piece of art using the shape of your placenta. Most common forms of placenta art are prints (often called a “tree of life” print) or casting the placenta in resin for long lasting preservation.

How it’s done:

A specialist can press the placenta on paper or create a cast before treating it with natural dyes and preserving agents.

Cord Keepsakes

The umbilical cord can be dried and shaped into a keepsake, such as a heart or spiral. Some specialists can use parts of the placenta or cord in custom jewelry.


Planting and Burials

Some parents prefer to honor the placenta by burying it and planting a tree or flowers above it to symbolize new life. This practice is symbolic and aligns with many cultural traditions worldwide.

What is the significance of doing anything with the placenta other than discarding it?


1. Potential health benefits*: many mothers report feeling improved postpartum recovery, more energy, a more balanced mood, and an increased milk supply
2. Personal significance: for many mothers, the placenta represents a personal and spiritual symbol of growing, sustaining, and giving birth to life. Honoring it through art or planting can be a special, symbolic ritual.
3. Keepsake value: placenta prints, casts, or jewelry can be cherished reminders of the unique and powerful connection between a mom and her baby.



Ultimately, what you choose to do with your placenta is a personal decision

If you’re pregnant and unsure about whether or not you want to do anything with your placenta after birth, get in touch with a placenta specialist! Speaking with a professional will help you know for sure if you want to do something special with your placenta or just thank it and say goodbye.

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*Please note that this is not medical advice or a guarantee. Please check with your healthcare provider and your own placenta specialist to see what’s right for you, your baby and your body.

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