Parent Coaching

You’ve read all the baby books, articles, and joined all the mommy facebook groups. Sometimes a new parent needs a little extra support when it comes to parenting. A parent coach works directly with you and your family so you can flourish in your new role.
Path & Paw

Baby Prep Dog Consultation

Shifting with Shalini

Conscious Parenting Method (CPM) Coaching

Sleep Cadets Inc.

DIY Sleep Coaching (intended for parents of children newborn-7 years)

Marissa Sherov, LCSW PC

Mindful Mama Transformation

Sleep Cadets Inc.

Sleep Coaching: Help My Baby Sleep! For babies 6 months+

Sleep Cadets Inc.

30-Minute Quick Help Call

Funari Parent Coaching

Supporting Working Moms in the Fifth Trimester & Beyond


CPR/AED and First-aid Training (Pediatric Infant and Child)