Health Coaching

Giving birth, caring for a newborn, and trying to juggle motherhood without a full night of sleep (will that ever happen again?) puts demands on your body like never before. A health coach works with you to ensure that you are being nourished during this wondrous and challenging time. Develop daily habits that support your well-being and be the best mom you can be.
Your Health Sense

Health and Fitness Coaching

Rachel E Redmond, LLC

Nutritional & Lifestyle Support for new (and not-so-new) moms

Postpartum Reset with Steph Greunke, RD

Postpartum Reset Nutrition Program and Community

Sarah Gold Nutrition

New Mama Pantry/Fridge Audit with Shopping List + Easy Meals with Registered Dietitian

Katy Gladwin LLC Women's Health Coaching

Return to Your Best! Health Package!

SEM Community Doulas

Peri-natal Nutrition Education and Meal Preparation

Rebel Roots Wellness

Perinatal Nutrition and Wellness Counseling Package

Inner Source Health

Naturopathic Medicine

Louise Simply Fit

Individualized Holistic Health Coaching for the Fourth Trimester

Mind In Motion Coaching

Health Coaching All-In Package

Sarah Gold Nutrition

1 month of nutrition coaching for busy/new mamas with registered dietitian

Sarah Gold Nutrition

60-minute nutrition coaching session with registered dietitian

Sarah Gold Nutrition

3-month Nutrition Coaching with Registered Dietitian

Wild Moon Care

Wellness & Mindset Coaching for your fertility, pregnancy or parenting journey

Wildflower Medicine

Postpartum Food Prep Program

Thrive LI

Prenatal + Post-Partum Nutrition Coaching

Mama Sagrada, LLC

Holistic Prenatal Support

Keize Nutrition Keys, LLC

Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist/Diabetes Care & Education Specialist

Mind In Motion Coaching

Health Coaching Introduction Package

Mind In Motion Coaching

Health Coaching Commitment Package

I Heart My Pregnancy

Holistic Pregnancy Coaching

Amy Gonzalez

Nutrition Consulting

Asana Mama HypnoBirthing Chicago

Functional Doctor lead Perinatal Health Programs

Gastronomic Nutrition

Nutrition Counseling focusing on family planning, pregnancy & postpartum

Womb pdx

Postpartum Educational Video Access

Tameria Leatrice & Co. (Mama’s Wellness Club)

Pregnancy and Postpartum Support & Disease Prevention

One Body Wellness

Postnatal depletion specialist

Be Her Village

Prenatal/Postpartum Nutrition and Health Coaching

Be Brave Mama

Pregnancy Coaching

Rethink Nourishment LLC

Postpartum Nutrition Counseling

One Body Wellness

Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness


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