You wouldn’t climb Mount Everest without a sherpa, right? Why give birth without a doula? Hiring a doula is an act of self-love. You’ll never forget how you’re made to feel on the day of your birth. Make it the best day of your life!
Be Her Village

Birth Planning Session

Empower Mamas

Womb Light™ Energy Doula (6 weeks)

Healthy Healing LI

Birth Doula, Licensed Acupuncturist

The Stork’s Doula, LLC

Labor and Postpartum Doula Support

Doula Support

Be Her Village

Comfort Measures Session

Cory Bush Doula

Birth Doula Support

Led By Love Birth Support

In-Home Labor / Birth Support


Virtual Doula Concierge

Jessica Dennehy Doula Services

Birth Doula Support for laboring person and partner

HeartShine Doula

Birth Doula Services: Support through pregnancy, labor, delivery and beyond

Karma Tudor, Inc.

Virtual Doula Support

Mama Hypno

Birth & Postpartum Doula Services

Desert & Sea Doula

Doula Support (in partnership with Vickie Wint)