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My name is Thilmin and my journey begins with twins and the pandemic. It was impossible for me to identify and verify baby products that covered everything I wanted - affordable, high-quality, non-toxic AND eco-friendly. Not to mention eczema and acid reflux safe. I wanted more from my products, and I was determined to find better baby products faster. I am an avid researcher from my prior strategy career for Fortune 500 companies, and that experience helps me guide my clients.


Q: What locations or areas do you serve?

A: Across the US

Q: What's your top piece of advice for an expectant mom?

A: Find your tribe and find it early. It can be friends. It can be apps. Do more research while you're expecting because it gets nutty after the baby is here!

Q: What's your favorite past client story?

A: I worked with a mom who was floored by the data we presented. She had no idea that her current general cleaner had concerning ingredients that could cause skin irritation. Her baby had sensitive skin so she bought a non-toxic cleaner immediately.

Q: What drew you into working with parents-to-be?

A: It is a magical time for expecting parents, but there are so many decisions to be made and unknowns. I wanted to help others go through the process with more knowledge of what they can change before their baby arrives.

Parenting community for expecting and newborn parents

Mom Groups


Let us be your baby product tribe. Cut through the clutter of free social sites and find a dedicated group of parents focused on things that matter like products for babies with eczema, best formula for acid reflux, and more. The small cost ensures we have an engaged and safe community of other parents.

Pricing Description

Joining our community costs $5.

Find better baby products faster with Littlest Goose

Newborn Care Classes


We're the only platform where expecting and newborn parents receive personalized recommendations powered by the community and product data in one place. Make confident decisions with information from trusted sources like the EPA, the Consumer Product Safety Committee, EWG, Made Safe, B-Corp, and more.

Pricing Description

For $10, you will receive a personalized recommendation for one product. Your recommendation will be sent via email.

Available products include baby wipes, baby shampoo, baby sunscreen, baby lotion, baby soap, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, general cleaners, and laundry detergent.

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