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Feeding Baby

Lactation Support


Prenatal visit - 1 hour - medical history discussion (you'd be surprised how history affects lactation), goal planning, anatomy discussion & planning, learn to use a pump, prepare formula, safe milk storage & warming milk
Initial visit - 2 hours - observing the feed, weighted feed (find out exactly how much milk baby drinks), custom feeding plan
Follow up visit - 1.5 hours - observing the feed, weighted feed, & troubleshooting any new issue

Pricing Description

Breast & bottle feeding coaching:
Feeding baby prenatal visit - $89
Feeding baby initial visit - $179
Feeding baby follow up visit - $129

Pregnancy Coaching

Health Coaching


Congrats on beginning the biggest journey of your life!

Your life, and your body, are about to change completely.

Whether your goals are to have the healthiest pregnancy possible, overcome symptoms or complications, or just prepare yourself for the next step, there’s a package that’s right for you!

I’ll walk on this journey beside you, supporting you, answering your questions and help you every step of the way.

Pricing Description

Pregnancy coaching:
Pregnancy coaching mini - $79
Pregnancy coaching classic - $149
Pregnancy coaching ultimate - $287

Birth classes

Childbirth Education


Birth classes - a total of 4 hours covering how your partner can be your support & advocate, natural comfort techniques, medical comfort techniques, how to use your B.R.A.I.N. to make decisions, inductions & interventions, the best laboring (using gravity and rest) and pushing positions (to open your pelvis), how to plan for and recovery from cesarean birth, welcoming baby and breastfeeding introduction, & the truth about postpartum recovery

Pricing Description

Birth classes (local to Houston, TX)
Weekly group birth class - $279
Single group birth class - $299
Private birth class - $349

Virtual class:
Virtual private class - $315

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