Transforming Your Birth Environment

Written by: The Be Her Village Team
Posted: January 12, 2021
Can you imagine trying to cook a fancy meal in a messy kitchen? Or getting ready for a hot date while a horror film plays in the background? Or think about when you’re driving to a new place, you tend to turn down the music and rid yourself of other distractions so you can focus on where you are and where you need to be. Environment is everything. It can be the difference between a great experience and an experience that leaves you feeling like “if only I had done___________.” 

Birth is an experience where the environment really matters and can help you feel more at ease and ready for something that might feel scary or daunting. 

It might feel like you have no control over the environment in which you birth, a hospital is a hospital, right? Actually, there are some ways to shift a few things to your liking, from music to lighting, to help enhance and empower your experience in birth. Join us here on Thursday, January 14th as we talk with Kim Holden, a Doula with an interior design background, as she gives us tips on how to transform your birth environment, no matter where you’re giving birth.

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