Love Your Body

BHV Mom's Night Out

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: December 26, 2020
I’m excited to announce that Be Her Village is hosting a Mom’s Virtual Night Out, covering a topic near and dear to my heart: Body Image. While January is often the month where people are pressured or convinced to start a diet, to “work-off” the holiday snacks, to track calories, to detox, etc..

we want to flip the narrative and inspire an idea of loving your body HERE AND NOW! 

And I get it, it can be really hard to feel positively about your body, or even love it when you’re 8 months pregnant and your body doesn’t feel like it’s your own anymore. And it can be really hard when you’re 2 months postpartum and you can’t fit into your maternity clothes or your pre-pregnancy clothes. That’s why we wanted to create a spot for mamas to work through these feelings and to get some tools to help slowly shift their thinking. Our workshop will be lead by three women passionate about helping mamas shift their mindset about their bodies: Rachel Parrotta: Doctor of Physical Therapy, who will help bring a real-life physiological perspective to some of the unhealthy expectations around the body, Laura Otton: Maternal Mental Health Counselor, whose approach deals with the mind-body connection of a mama at any stage of motherhood, and yours truly, I’ll be providing insight as a fairly new mama who has worked through some of my own body image struggles. We will be holding a Q&A Section, breakout sessions to address your current struggles and worries, as well as some mindfulness practices and tools to continue the momentum of self love!

Join us, Saturday January 9th at 7:30pm ET via zoom. Check our social media pages for the sign up link!

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